Time Based Reporting

Key Concepts 

PlanetTogether allows users to automatically update the progress of activities as work is completed on the shop floor. In addition, the Time Based Reporting feature allows the reported quantities and hours of activities to be automatically updated as the schedule clock is advanced

Setting Up:

The Time Based Reporting feature can be accessed and set up from the Jobs Dialog, under the Operation | Status tab:

Automatically Report Progress when Clock Advances past Scheduled Start

When this feature is turned on, PlanetTogether will report quantities and hours of an operation (based on the scheduled dates) when the clock is advanced.

Note: This feature is based on cycle times. For the Gantt blocks to shrink, one cycle must be completed.


Cycle Time = 1 Hour

Job = Scheduled for 3 Hours (i.e. 3 cycles)

  • Scenario 1: Clock advances +30 mins
    • Because the clock advanced by less than a complete cycle time, no quantities or hours will be reported, and the Gantt activity block will not shrink. However, the start time will be reported. 
  • Scenario 2: Clock advances +1 hour
    • In this case, the clock advances by one complete cycle, so the activity block on the Gantt will shrink by one-third (depending on the resource capacity intervals). Therefore, there will also be a Reported Goods Qty equal to the quantity produced after 1 cycle and a Reported Hrs of 1 hour.

The Reported Quantities and Hours are subtracted from the Required Qty and Required Hrs fields to calculate the Remaining Qty and Hrs.


Automatically Finish when Clock Advances past Scheduled End

When this feature is turned on, the activity status will automatically be marked as 'Finished' when the clock advances past the scheduled end of the activity. Once an activity is marked as "Finished," it will not be visible on the Resources or Job Gantts but can be seen in gray in the Job Dialog Gantt. 

If a Time (Hrs) or Quantity is reported, but the activity is not set to "Finished," then the scheduled length of the activity block will be adjusted based on the reported values provided. 

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