Total Setup Cost KPI

Setup & Financial KPI

Total Setup Cost KPI

The total scheduled Setup Hours times Resource Standard Cost.


Total Setup Cost KPI = For all Activities where Activity.Scheduled = true,  SUM(Resource.StandardHourlyCost * CapacityInterval.Duration where CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Online) + SUM(Resource.OvertimeHourlyCost * CapacityInterval.Duration where CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Overtime OR CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Potential Overtime) + SUM(Activity.ReportedSetupSpan * Resource.StandardHourlyCost)

Significant Data

Special Considerations

There is no way to determine if Activity.ReportedSetupSpan was run during Online, Overtime, or Potential Overtime, so Resource.StandardHourlyCost is used here.