Visual Factory

Key Concepts

The Visual Factory feature allows the system to run in hands-free mode on a wall-mounted screen to show automated displays on the shop floor, department offices, and more. It will cycle through all of the Workspaces you have, pausing at each for a set duration. So, for example, it could spend 1 minute showing the packaging schedule, then switch to show the schedule of another department.

Workspaces are view layouts that store any alerts, grid layouts, window positions, and toolbar configurations. Any screen in PlanetTogether can be included in the Workspace view and the Visual Factory. Additional information on setting up Workspaces can be found here.

Setting Up Visual Factory

To set up, go to Settings | Workspaces | Visual Factory tabs. Here, a list of all Workspaces will be displayed. In addition, you can specify the cycle duration of each workspace from the drop-down menu.

Then, click on "Start Visual Factory" and click on the "Back" arrow at the upper-left corner to return to the main view. You should see each workspace/view for the set duration.

Stopping Visual Factory

To stop Visual Factory, go to Settings | Workspaces | Visual Factory, and click on "Stop Visual Factory."


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