Window Layouts

Key Concepts

In PlanetTogether, windows can be repositioned, docked, unpinned, and hidden to match the user's preferences and/or screen resolutions.

New windows can be opened by selecting from the Views drop-down menu. This will open the window and add a new tab at the bottom of the screen. Tabs can be dragged to reposition the order of the windows. 

Windows can be closed by clicking on the "x" button found at the top-right corner of the header.

Headers can be dragged to reposition the windows. Double-clicking on the header will undock and dock the header. 

Clicking and dragging a window header will show the docking options to allow repositioning the window:

To reposition the window as a new tab, drag the header to the centermost docking option icon. Otherwise, dragging the header will result in a split view of two (or more) windows:

When the screen is split into multiple windows, dark grey bars will appear between the windows, which can be dragged to change the size of the windows.