Key Concepts

A Workspace stores the following objects:
– Alerts
– Grid Layouts
Window Position
Visual Factory Settings
– Toolbar Configurations

This allows users to switch between different configurations of these objects quickly. 

Workspaces can be accessed in PlanetTogether by going to Settings | Workspaces. The current active workspace is found at the top of the pane.

Note: Workspaces will save the last used layouts, and these will be automatically loaded when the workspace is launched. User workspace settings are saved within the scenario and need to be maintained using the Client Updater Service. However, template workspaces are still managed through the Client Updater Service. 

How do I create and/or share a Workspace?

Workspaces are created by copying a previously created Workspace and giving it a different name. Out of the box, PlanetTogether ships with a Workspace called “Default.” From the Workspace area, you can Copy, Share, Load, Rename, and Delete your Workspaces.

How do I switch Workspaces?

To Load or Switch to a Workspace, you can double click it. You’ll see your active Workspace in the top left part of the Home Screen. Alternatively, you can load a workspace by clicking the "Load" button.


Storing and Moving of Workspace Files

Template workspaces are stored in the Template folder of the UserSettings. Therefore, when the Client is exited properly, it pushed all files located in the UserSettings folder of the client computer to the server computer. Likewise, when the Client is started, it pulls all files located in the UserSettings folder on the server computer to the client computer.

It is important to note that workspaces will not be saved entirely until PlanetTogether on the client computer is properly exited. This is important as moving workspace files to the server should only be attempted when all clients are closed.