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PlanetTogether APS objects and mapping links

Resource Objects

Resource Objects deal primarily with the physical setup of the manufacturing facility and will consist of how machines and capital are organized into a tiered structure. Additionally, Resource Objects are meant to reflect the manufacturer’s capacity to do work and the type of work that can be done.

Capability Assignments
Resource Connectors
Allowed Helper Resources
Capacity Intervals
Recurring Capacity Intervals
Product Rules
Attribute Setup Tables
Attribute Code Tables
Setup Code Tables

Inventory Objects

Inventory Objects pertain to the materials that both supply and are produced by the manufacturer. For example, Item and Inventory Objects will deal with not only raw and intermediate materials but also SKU’s and the warehouses that stock them.

Warehouse Plant
Sales Orders / Lines / Distributions
Forecasts & Shipments
Purchase To Stock
Transfer Orders & Distributions

Job Objects

Job Objects refer to work order or production order information. Job Objects not only include the routing information for the products that need to be created, but a fair amount of business information which can include which customer ordered the product, in what quantity they ordered it, and when they need it. Where Resource Objects define what can be produced, Job Objects will ultimately inform the Resource Objects of what should be produced on a given day.

Manufacturing Orders
Resource Operations
Resource Requirements
Required Capabilities
Material Requirements
Operations Attributes
Alternate Paths & Nodes
Successor Manufacturing Orders