Automated Scheduling

Key Concepts

The goal of PlanetTogether's Advanced Planning and Scheduling system is to enhance the operational efficiency within a production facility. The system makes use of automated scheduling tools to facilitate the scheduling process and allows us to generate highly efficient schedules. The following automated scheduling tools can be accessed from the ribbon found at the top of the scenario view: Advance the Clock, Optimize, and Compress the Schedule. 

Clock Advance

The Advance the Clock feature is used to update the PlanetTogether clock so that the schedule is adjusted to reflect the passage of time. When the clock is advanced, all activities not yet started are rescheduled to start at or after the new clock date. When the clock is advanced, the sequence of activities does not change but the activities are "pushed" out in time to adjust for the new date.

Clicking on the upper half of the clock button will advance the clock to the current PC date while leaving the time of day value unchanged.

To advance the clock to a specific day or time, click on the lower half of the clock button and make the appropriate changes in the drop-down menu.

Additional information on the Advance the Clock feature can be found here


This is the process by which PlanetTogether automatically generates a minute-by-minute schedule by assigning activities to resources according to the optimization rules and options defined. Optimization works in two phases:

  1. Release rules limit the earliest date that a job can start.
  2. Optimize Rules choose the best sequence of operations.

If using the MPR/MRP Optimize option, there is an additional process that involves comparing the demands to the supplies and creating jobs or purchase orders to satisfy the demand. 

Compress the Schedule

Once a schedule is generated, it can be useful to compress the schedule to remove any gaps found between operations. There are two buttons that are used to compress the schedule: Compress Idle Time and JIT Compress

  • Compress Idle Time: This feature is used to remove idle time in the schedule for all plants by compressing activities to the left of the schedule without changing their sequence of violating any constraints. Use the drop-down many of this button to modify the compress settings. Additional information for these settings can be found here.
  • Compress Plant: This feature is the same as the Compress Idle Time feature based on the compress settings but can be specified from a single plant selected from the drop-down menu.
  • JIT Compress: This feature will shift operations to the future while preserving their sequence to reduce early production and accommodate for high future capacity loads. When this button is clicked, the activities will be rescheduled to their Activity JIT date while preserving the sequence of activities.