Change Order

This dock-able pane lists the Change Orders that are in the system.  It can be accessed by clicking the Exceptions | Change Orders command on the main menu.


The following commands are available to all system users:

  • New:  Opens the Change Order Dialog which can be used to create a new Change Order.
  • Open:  Opens an existing Change Order.  A Change Order row must be active in the grid first.
  • Open Job:  Opens the Job Dialog for the Job that the Change Order was created for.
  • Select All:  Selects the Change Orders in the grid that is showing.  This can be used for Deleting, Applying, Accepting, and Rejecting Change Orders.
  • Delete:  Removes the Change Order from the system.  This has no effect on Jobs.  Only Master Schedulers or the creator of the Change Order can delete it.

The following commands are only accessible by Master Scheduler users.

  • Apply:  Applies the Change Order to the Job based on the Change Order.
  • Accept:  Marks the Change Order as accepted thus Applying it to the Job and placing it back in the creator's list.
  • Reject:  Marks the Change Order as rejected and places it back in the creator's list.


These lists are shown und the specified tab headings.  Each contains a list of Change Orders.  If the Change Order has any Need Date, Quantity or Break-Off changes, then the row can be expanded by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the row to expand the row to see these child rows.

The Change Order for a given row can be opened by double-clicking the row marker to the left of the row.

  • My Change Orders:  Contains all open Change Orders that has the logged in User as the Requester or Planner.
  • Awaiting Planner:  Contains all open Change Orders that a Planner should review.  These include Change Orders that have a Status of New or Requester Revised.
  • New:  Contains all open Change Orders with a Status of New.
  • All: Contains all Change Orders for all Jobs in the system.  This is the only list that contains Closed Change Orders.

Dialog Options

Assign To Planner

A Change Order can be open for review by any of the Planners or can be assigned to a specific Planner.  Assigning to a specific Planner is particularly useful for multi-plant situations where a particular Job is under the control of specific Planners.  This setting is used to determine which Change Orders to list in each Planner's "My Change Orders" list.

Quantity Changes

This table can be used to specify quantity changes for one or more of the Manufacturing Orders in the Job.  To request a Quantity Change, simply enter the new quantity in the New Qty column.

Break Offs

This table can be used to specify BreakOffs for one or more of the Manufacturing Orders in the Job.  To request a BreakOff, enter the qty (usually less than the original qty) and Need Date for the new Job to be created for the BreakOff.

Applying Change Orders to Jobs

Change Orders have no effect on Jobs until they are Accepted or Applied.  Only Master Schedulers can perform these actions.  When a Change Order is Accepted or Applied, the new Need Date date and/or quantity is automatically used to update the Job.  For quantity changes the schedule is adjusted immediately.

Note that for quantity changes, Operations are only updated if their Required Finish Qty is equal to the Manufacturing Order's Required Finish Qty.  Otherwise the operation's quantity is not updated automatically and must be manually calculated and adjusted by the Planner.  For Need Date changes, an Optimization can be performed to take the new date into account.  Applying a Break Off has no effect on the Job, and must be performed manually.

Once a Change Order is applied, reverting to the previous values can be done manually in the Job or using the general Undo facility.  Rejecting a previously Accepted or Applied Change Order does not undo any applied changes.

Deleting a Change Order

Master Schedulers can delete any Change Order.  Other users can only delete those Change Orders that they created.