Although the APS' standard features cover the vast majority of production scheduling needs, there are some special requirements that are best handled with customizations.  There are several types of customization available as described below.

Types of Customizations:

User Defined Fields: User Defined Fields can be added to any Job, Manufacturing Order, or Operation if it is necessary to track additional information inside APS.

Custom Add-Ins Add-Ins are custom programs that are loaded into APS to affect the appearance and/or behavior of the application. A list of current Add-Ins can be found in the Add-Ins main menu.

Custom Import: A custom program can be written to either replace the import wizard functionality or to perform processing on an import transmission once received from the Wizard.  This can be used when standard Wizard functions are not sufficiently flexible.

Custom Export: A custom program can be called and passed memory-resident schedule data. The program can then perform any needed actions such as passing data to other systems.

Custom Message Processor: A "Custom Message Processor" program (MessageProcessor.dll) can be programmed to read text files as they're created and submit Transmissions to APS.  This is typically used to read in transactions from a bar code transaction system to keep the schedule up to date.  Since a Message Processor dll is custom coded (in any Microsoft .Net language), it has nearly infinite flexibility.

Customization Development Process

All programmatic customizations are developed using the Microsoft .Net Framework by certified APS developers. Please contact your software vendor for help in designing and developing any customizations.