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PlanetTogether Customizations can be developed as general or customer specific enhancements. There are several types of Customizations available however they generally are categorized based on the specific Customization Point in which they function. 

For getting started with customization start at  creating a customization project.

Customization Points

Sample Customizations

  • Split Manufacturing Orders Across Resources Customization
    Demo customization: splitting MOs across resources with Product Rules.
  • Post-Processing on campaign change
    Sample customization for adding post-processing instead of setup on campaign changeovers.
  • Prevent anchor drift
    Sample customization to prevent anchor drift on optimize.
  • Optimize After Import
    Sample customization to run an optimize after importing data.
  • Post Optimization Split Operation
    Sample customization to split operations based on categories.
  • CIP Scheduling
    Sample customization to schedule a CIP at the end of a job when needed. 
  • Successor MO Overlap
    Sample customization that allows the scheduling of a successor order to overlap the scheduling of the predecessor after the transfer hours have ended. 
  • Can Schedule OT
    Sample customization that stops the Optimize function from scheduling jobs on overtime blocks. It also allows the user to move jobs on overtime blocks and keep them scheduled there.
  • Learning Curve
    Sample customization that produces products faster over time based on UDFs.
  • Group MO's in Same Job
    Sample customization that groups orders with the same MO's together in the same resource.
  • Omitted Predecessor
    Sample customization that schedules successors after all predecessors in the path have been completed.
  • Flexible Operation
    Sample customization that schedules operations with the "No Sequence" UDF at different times.
  • Overlap Setup
    Sample customization that allows the setup time of the successor order to overlap the predecessor. 
  • Post Sim Job Update
    Sample customization that checks the predecessor-successor related orders after an optimize simulation to see if the orders need to be rescheduled.
  • Max Delay
    Sample customization that sets the release date of each MO according to the number of operations in the MO and the operations scheduled times.