Custom Data Tables Customization Point

How to use a customization to publish custom data tables

This guide will step through the process of coding a Custom Table Customization. If you are just getting started, you can learn about getting started with customizations.

Creating the Class

To publish one or more custom data tables, we need to create a new class that inherits from CustomTableCustomization. This customization class is located at: PT.Scheduler.Simulation.Customizations.CustomTableCustomization

Here is what a basic class should look like:

public class CustomTables : PT.Scheduler.Simulation.Customizations.CustomTableCustomization
public override string Name => "Custom Data Tables";
public override string Description => "Creates custom tables to be published by PlanetTogether";

protected override List<DataTable> GetCustomTables(ScenarioDetail a_sd)
//Custom code to generate tables goes here

return new List<DataTable>();


As shown in the code block above, this simple customization point only provides one function:

GetCustomTables can be used to create custom data table and publish them along with the standard tables created by PlanetTogether.

Let's take a look at the parameter:

  • ScenarioDetail a_sd: Via the various manager objects in this top level object, all other data objects can be accessed.

Next Steps

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