Split Manufacturing Orders Across Resources Customization

Demo customization: splitting MOs across resources with Product Rules


This customization will demonstrate the ability to split a job across resources during the scheduling process. In this example, the resources have product rules that defines the cycle span and the quantity per cycle of an item. Included is a sample scenario in which an order must be split across several resources to satisfy the demand. The goal is for the job to schedule in a single day. The resources each have 24 hour capacity and a 24 hour cycle span with a specific quantity per cycle value.

On optimize, the job's manufacturing order will split based on the quantities that can be produced by each resource's product rule. Each split could be a different quantity, however, they run time will always be 24 hours based on the product rule. In order to schedule, there needs to be enough resources available to complete the full order within the same day. A resource is considered available if the shift is not already occupied or partially occupied by another operation.

In our demo, we have four resources and two jobs with a required quantity that is large enough to require more than one resources but small enough to where there are resources available to supply the demand.

Customization File

Download for version 11.37.4

Sample Scenario

Download the sample scenario.