Data Backup

To back up the system data to protect against data loss, the following should be backed up periodically:

APS System

This service is the most critical in order for APS to run. It is typically good practice to backup the data every few weeks, although APS does keep recordings and other methods of backup on its own.

Folders to Backup

  • APS ExtraServices Working Directory, typically C:ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\[Insert Instance Name Here]\System\Data
    • Alerts Folder: contains all log files
    • Key Folder: contains license key files
    • Recordings Folder: stores recordings of all actions for use in data recovery, debugging and testing.
    • Scenario Folder: stores your scenarios.dat file which contains all scenario data.
APS Interface Service

Because of the new method of deploying APS, many of these files are static, due to the new ability to run multiple instances and multiple versions of APS concurrently. The working directory for the other services not directly related to the APS System Service is held, not in the instance folders, but in the software folder, found below:

C:ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\Software\[version number]\ProgramFiles\Interface

Working Directory

The working directory that holds the configuration for the Data Mapping Wizard, however, can still be found local to each instance at

C:ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\[Insert Instance Name Here]\IntegrationFiles

The file to back up is called APSInterfaceSettings.XML

Server Manager Config File

APS_ServerSettings.xml contains all instance information for Enterprise Client.