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Early Access Program

    The PlanetTogether Early Access Program is designed for PlanetTogether partners and users who are interested in getting experience with new features and changes before they are released.  To facilitate this, a special version of PlanetTogether will be available to members of the program. This Early Access Edition will be updated periodically as significant changes are introduced.


    • Provide a preview of new features so partners and users can become familiar with the software before the next official version is released.
    • Allow for initial feedback on changes.

    Early Access Edition:

    The Early Access edition is a pre-release of the next version of PlanetTogether that may be in one of several stages of development. As such, it should not be used in a production environment. Each version may have a specific purpose related to a new feature or change. Any specific items will be identified in the email that is sent out to members when a new version is available for download.  A full list of changes is available in the release notes.  


    In order to use the early access edition, you must be a current PlanetTogether partner or have a PlanetTogether license with valid maintenance.

    Not a PlanetTogether user? Please consider our free trial.


    The Early access edition can be downloaded from the internet in the same manner as the other editions using the webinstaller. When selecting the software version, check the "Include PreRelease Versions" checkbox to include the new versions. For detailed instructions on the installation process, click here