ERP Integrations

ERP Integrations

PlanetTogether is pre-integrated with most common ERP systems and can be integrated any system that has an open database or API or can export data.

There are three common “levels” of integration:

  1. Scheduling with Capacity Constraints
    • ERP generates Work Orders and Planned Orders
    • APS imports this data for scheduling/optimization
    • APS pushes schedule dates and resources back to ERP
    • Data Needed:
      • Plants
      • Work Centers
      • Machines
      • Work Order Headers
      • Work Order Operations
      • Planned Order Headers
      • Planned Order Operations
      • Setup Matrices
  2. Scheduling with Capacity + Material Constraints
    • Everything included in Level 1
    • APS pulls Inventory, POs, and Bill-of-Material data
    • Coordinates Material Constraints
    • Prevents Work Orders from scheduling before constrained material is ready
    • Additional Data Needed:
      • Warehouses
      • Items
      • Inventories
      • Purchase Order Headers
      • Purchase Order Details
      • Work Order Material Requirements
      • Planned Order Material Requirements
      • Transfer Order Headers
      • Transfer Order Details
  3. + Finished Goods Inventory Planning
    • Everything included in Level 1 and 2
    • Import Sales Orders, Forecasts and inventory replenishment controls
    • Run MRP to generate Planned Orders and Planned Purchases
    • Additional Data Needed:
      • Sales Orders
      • Forecasts
      • Replenishment Control parameters (safety stock, min/max, buffers, batching rules, etc.)
      • Item Routings
      • Item Bills of Material

Available Integrations

PlanetTogether has developed connectors for the following ERP systems: