Integrating with Syspro

Integrating with Syspro

Syspro offers a simple but powerful way of handling your financial back end. If you’ve already invested into Syspro, you can get even more mileage out of your current system with PlanetTogether APS. Import Jobs, Routings and Bills of Material, create a detailed and accurate production schedule, and watch your business transform.

Here are just a few examples of what you can import from Syspro:

  • Tool and Labor Departments
  • Machines, Items and Inventory
  • Bills of Material
  • PurchaseOrders
  • Jobs
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

PlanetTogether also allows you to publish schedules back to Syspro:

  • Start and End dates at the task level
  • Reported Quantities
  • Reported Time
  • Job Statuses

Syspro Fields:

Work Orders

Property Syspro Table Field
Job WipMaster Job
Name WipMaster ‘Mo1’ [Hardcoded]
Description WipMaster JobDescription
Delivery Date WipMaster JobDeliveryDate



Property Syspro Table Field
Job WipMaster Job
Operation Sequence WipJobAllLab Operation
Quantity WipMaster QtyToMake
Run Time WipJobAllLabs RunTimeIssued


Bills of Material

Property Syspro Table Field
Job WipMaster Job
Routing Step WipJobAllLab Operation
Item Number InvMaster StockCode
Unit of Measure InvMaster StockUom
Warehouse InvMaster WarehouseToUse



Property Syspro Table Field
Plant N/A [Hardcoded]
Department BomWorkCentre & Tooldepartment [Hardcoded]
Resource Code BomMachine Machine
Run Time Rate BomWorkCentre RunTimeRate



Property Syspro Table Field
Machine Ability BomMachine Machine
Machine Name BomMachine Machine


Purchase Orders

Property Syspro Table Field
Purchase Order PorMasterHdr & PorMasterDetail PurchaseOrder +’-‘+ Line
Item PorMasterDetail MStockCode
Quantity PorMasterDetail MOrderQty
Warehouse PorMasterDetail MWarehouse


Publish Fields

Property Syspro Table Field
Job WipMaster Job
Scheduled Start Date WipMaster ScheduledStartDateTime
Scheduled End Date WipMaster ScheduledEndDateTime