Overlapping Operations

Often times, an Operation won’t have to wait for its predecessor to finish completely before it can begin. In this case, by using “overlapping”operations, the two operations can finish more quickly since they are done all or partially in parallel.

  • Overlap options are defined under Alternate Paths in the job dialog
  • You must specify the OverlapType for each Path Node. Choose from:
    • No Overlap: The entire Operation must complete before the successor Operation can begin
    • Transfer Qty: The successor Operation can begin once the first Operation has produced a specified quantity (specified in the OverlapTransferQty field in the Operation Mappings)
    • Transfer Span: Successor can begin after the first has been running for a specified time (specified in the OverlapTransferHrs field in the Alternate Path Node Mappings).
    • At First Transfer: The successor can start once a specified number of Items is produced and transferred to Inventory (specified in the TransferQty field in the Item mappings)
    • Transfer Span After Setup:  Successor can begin after the OverlapTransferHrs plus any setup time
    • Percent Complete: Successor can begin after the predecessor operation has been completed to a percent specified in the OverlapPercentComplete field in the AlternatePathNodeMappings