Post Optimization Split Operation Customization

Sample that splits operations based on size after they have been created by MRP or imported

This guide will demonstrate a PostOptimizeSplitOperation customization. If you are just getting started, you can learn about getting started with customizations.


This customization offers the ability to split operations by categories such as Index, Name, Product, etc. after Optimization or MRP. To better understand MRP please visit MPS/MRP Optimize Options . This Customization allows the division of activities which adds more activities but reduces the quantity per operation. 


By default after the Optimize process is complete the operations only have one activity assigned to them. With this Customization the activities can be split which divides the quantity evenly into the split activities, by default it is set to split into two. This process is ran after the user selects to Optimize or MPS/MRP Optimize and does not schedule the new operation activities. 

Without the customization:

This is before a split of the job is done. 


With the customization:

This is after a split is done and is automatically optimized.



Download Visual Studio project

Download customization file for version 11.39.15

Rename the sample scenario file to scenarios.dat when loading in PlanetTogether.

Download sample scenario.dat for version 11.39