Post-Processing on campaign change

Sample customization that demonstrates how to add post-processing when a campaign changes

Planettogether allows to easily add setup on changeovers with standard functionality. However, to add post-processing instead of, or in addition to, setup can be a challenge. It is possible there could be a gap between the runs of different campaigns.


  1. Campaigns in this example are based on an operation attribute.
  2. The scenario used along with this customization can be downloaded below.


  1. During an optimize, the Schedulability customization will prevent campaign changeovers from scheduling right away (30 minutes in this sample). If there are no other jobs in the same campaign, then there will be at least a 30 minute gap at this point.
  2. After Optimize, the customization will analyze all of the changeovers and store the required post-processing at the end of each campaign.
  3. A second simulation is run to fill in the gaps with post-processing. As each operation schedules, if it is the end of a previously determined campaign, post-processing will be added.

How this can be expanded:

  • The sample only adds post-processing after an optimize, however it can be added after all, or other types of actions.
  • Campaigns could be based on products or any other data element rather than attributes.

Customization Points:

The EndOfSimulationCustomization triggers a second simulation.

The RequiredCapacity customization adds the post-processing

The Schedulability customization creates the gaps that get filled in with post-processing.


Project file:

Scenario File:

Compatible with version 11.39 and later: