Prevent Setup from spanning shifts using a customization

Sample customization to prevent setup from spanning shifts. Run and post-processing can still span shifts.

This guide will demonstrate a IsSchedulable customization. If you are just getting started, view the following articles for more information on the basics: getting started with customizations and the Transmission Processing customization point basics.


This customization will make sure that operation setup only schedules on a single online interval. If a shift or interval cannot fully schedule the setup, the operation will be pushed to a later shift that can schedule the full setup.
To enable the constraint, add a UDF to the resource. CanPauseSetup, bool, true. The setup constraint can be configured per resource by using the UDF on each resource.


Without the customization, the scheduler will allow all segments of the operation to span offline intervals. PlanetTogether has a default setting for whether to allow the job to span offline intervals, but not the individual segments. This customization will only allow the operation to start if the setup can start and complete on the same online interval.

Without the customization:

For this example, the operation has been anchored on the first shift. Without the customization, it will schedule as below with the setup spanning into the second shift.


With the customization:

With the customization enabled, the operation will be delayed two days. Wednesday's shift has an offline interval that does not allow 4 continuous hours (the operations setup time).



Download Visual Studio project

Download customization file for version 11.37.11

Rename the sample scenario file to scenarios.dat when loading in PlanetTogether.

Download sample scenario. for version 11.40.