Release Notes: Version 11.39

Changes for version 11.39 released August 18, 2020


.net Version upgraded to 4.8

Updated to .net framework 4.8. This version is now required for Server Manager and software updates.

[Breaking Change] Customizations may not be backward compatible.

Customers that upgrade should request a new customization file to avoid errors.

Report format updated

Crystal reports are no longer supported. A new Report Designer is now available for creating new reports compatible with PlanetTogether, including in-memory data sources. Please contact support if you are interested in using or creating the new reports.

RapidResponse Integration

Added a new integration to RapidResponse new REST APIs. Import and publish are supported. Please see the RapidResponse Integration article for more information. 

Import and Publish Webhooks

Each instance can now be configured to call a webhook before import, after import, before publish, and after publishing. This works similarly to the run stored procedure and custom program options. 

The Import webhook will put json data in the format: {"ScenarioId":1,"StatusStep":0}

The publish webhook will put json data in the format: {"ScenarioName":"Live","StatusStep":1}

Sheets view: Spreadsheet data import

A new "Sheets" pane allows for importing data into PlanetTogether. This is designed for implementations not connected to an ERP system. 



Instance Manager: Perpetual keys should not show an expiration date

Perpetual keys will no longer show an expiration date in the user interface.

Instance Manager: Detailed messages added

Instance Manager will now display more meaningful messages instead of simple codes.

JIT date cannot be calculated

Added a new validation when a JIT date cannot be calculated due to invalid need date or runtime data.

Improved compatibility between MaxDelay and Overlaps features

The compatibility between the MaxDelay and Overlaps features has been improved.

Scenario default to Inventory Pane when switching between scenarios

Improved switching workspaces to offer a smoother transition when multiple panes are open.

PercentOfMAterialsAvailable doesn't look at on-hand qty when another supplying job is scheduled first

Updated inventory allocations to use on hand first, if available, followed by the latest material source. Previously it was just using the latest material source

Turkish: Updated localization

KPI Dialog: Update no KPI data message

No KPIs message updated to more accurately explain when there is no data to show.

Microsoft Reporting Removed

PlanetTogether will now only load new PT reports and will not support Microsoft reports.

Update Knowledge Base Help links

Various links to Help pages have been updated.

MaxDelay: Allow for scheduling unconstrained helper resources

Operations using MaxDelay can now be configured with helper resources. These helper resources should not be constrained and it is recommended they schedule on an infinite resource.

CTP: Auto-Created successor MOs cause MOs to schedule past Planning Horizon

CTP now pegs sub demand manufacturing orders created as part of the CTP to specific operations in the MO instead of the first operation. This allows for advanced material configurations where supplies are required in different operation steps



Automatic Forecast Generation produces an Object Reference Error.

When generating a forecast, the software will default to the "Manual" tab of the forecast generator and will no longer show an Object Reference Error. 

ShelfLifeReceivedEvent: ObjectReference Exception

Fixed an error when importing inventory shelflife in some cases. 

Optimize not respecting frozen span when using max delay

Max delay will no longer pull in jobs to the front of the schedule unnecessarily.

Gantt search doesn't look for specific MOs

Fixed an issue where searching by MO doesn't highlight the correct block if there are multiple MOs in the job.

Jobs moving out of frozen span when an optimize is run

Fixed an issue where KeppSucessorsNoInterrupt would be enforced if a delay span was specified, even if the feature was disabled for the operations.

ProjectGantt.AddJob error keeps showing up

Fixed an issue where opening the connected jobs Gantt would cause errors after it was closed.

Publish API doesn't return after publish is completed and the program remains open

The publish API will now return when publish is complete.

Loading a shared workspace causes "Ticks" error

Fixed an issue where loading a shared workspace was causing an error stating "Ticks must be between DateTime.MonValue Ticks and DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks.

Converting a Short Term scenario to a What-If scenario produces no results

Short Term scenarios can be copied to What-If scenarios, but not converted. 

Gantt Label text disappears when switching scenario

Fixed an issue where creating Gantt Label segment in a what-if scenario would not appear in the live scenario.

Fixed an issue that would cause some localizations to get an error when saving the Job Dialog

Fixed an issue that would cause some localizations to get an error when saving the Job Dialog

Single Scenario Import drop-down keeps growing

Fixed an issue that would cause the Single Scenario import dialog to continuously grow.