Release Notes: Version 11.27

Release Notes: Version 11.27

New Features:

  • Schedule Report: Report start date
    • Added a new start date selection control for the Schedule Report. The date will default to the beginning of the schedule but can be changed to create reports for different
      periods of time. This is useful when creating work reports for future
      shifts, days, weeks, etc.

Corrected Issues:

  • Show other user actions message improved.
  • MRP creating PO for safety stock when originally marked as firm:
    • Fixed an issue where MRP would create extra purchase orders to meet safety stock which were not needed.
  • Shelf Life: Material expires too early
    • The expiration date for non-lot-controlled on-hand inventory is the clock time plus the item’s shelf life.
    • To specify a specific expiration date of on-hand material, the material must be imported as lots.
  • Overlap: Job Schedules with the wrong material source listed.
    • Fixed an issue where jobs could schedule even if the material was not available when using material overlap.
  • DBR: Shipping buffer has no effect.
  • Purchase Order: Receipt Date not setting on import:
    • Purchase Order receipt date will now be set correctly when imported or created manually.
  • MRP: Demand for Sub-Jobs not being met.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing MRP to not create jobs to meet Sub-Job demands.
  • Gantt: Mouse wheel doesn’t zoom or scroll.
    • Added Gantt mouse zoom and scroll functionality. Mouse scroll on the Gantt area will zoom in or out in time based on the mouse position. Mouse scroll on the timeline above the Gantt area will scroll in time.  Holding the Ctrl key while scrolling in the Gantt area will also adjust the resource heights during zoom.

Minor Changes:

  • UI: Performance Improvements
    • Client users will notice an improved MRP performance when using large quantities of items. Move is now more responsive with less delay between drag-and-drop when the move is performed.
  • Users: Import validation added
    • Added validation to prevent multiple users with the same Login from being imported.
  • Recurring Capacity Interval: ExternalID is reused when copying capacity intervals:
    • Recurring capacity intervals that are copied will be created with a new external ID,
      instead of the same ID as the original.
  • Purchase Orders: Unload hours are being set to 1, but the import is null.
  • Internally created or MRP generated Purchase Orders are not deleted during import
    • Added a new auto-set field on the PurchaseOrders called MaintenanceMethod (similar to field on the Job). This field can be set to the following values:
      • Internal: When a Purchase Order is created internally by MRP or user. These types of POs will not be deleted when omitted from import.
      • External: When a Purchase Order is created by the import. These POs will
        be deleted if Auto-Delete Omitted Records is turned on.
  • License error when running on Oracle virtual machine:
    • Fixed an issue that would cause license errors when running on certain virtual machine technologies.
  • Drop Connection error:
    • Fixed an issue for a drop connection error message to be displayed when a user logs off.
  • Error when saving jobs:
    • Fixed an issue that caused a recurring error message after bad inventory template mapping data was imported.
  • Null Object Reference error during publish:
    • Fixed an error that could cause a publish to fail if certain data fields were blank.
  • System Message – Key not found: Parameter name: key
    • Fixed a "Parameter name: key" error that could occur when deleting departments.
  • Exception causes Jobs to Unschedule / Disappear from the Gantt:
    • Fixed an issue resulting from moving a resource to a new department in the UI.