Release Notes: Version 11.28

New Features:

  • Scenarios: Status/Progress indicator for Scenario creation:
    • When copying scenarios, a new scenario tab will be shown immediately to notify the user that a scenario is being copied. The new scenario tab will show a loading screen
      while the scenario is being prepared.
  • Add cycles to consume current shift or cycle’s capacity:
    • Two new options were added to the functionality “Add Cycles to” found in the Gantt
      Block’s right-click menu. These options are:
      • Fill capacity before the end of next Offline interval
      • Fill capacity before the end of next Cleanout interval

Corrected Issues:

  • Inventory Plan: New Show Materials button
    • A new Show Materials button column has been added to more easily trace material usage between jobs. It will show the Materials Grid filtered for the operation
      responsible for the material adjustment.
  • Advance the clock causing a Divide by Zero error:
    • Fixed an issue that would cause an error during clock advance when auto reporting progress.
  • Scenario size growing:
    • Fixed an issue where scenario memory demand could increase due to undo settings.
  • Optimize: Doesn’t account for Department Specific Frozen Span.
  • Selecting "Move" in Activity right-click menu causes an exception
  • Lots: Improvements
    • Simplified the process to import lots. Lots are now published when publishing
      inventory. When importing lots for a lot controlled item, the on-hand
      value for the inventory must be 0, or omitted.

Minor Changes:

  • Optimize duration shows differently when users are in different time zones:
    • Fixed an issue that would show the Optimize timing messages without accounting for the user’s timezone.
  • Usability Improvements:
    • There is now an option to show material requirements when right-clicking an operation in the Gantt and from the Jobs grid.
    • The Materials grid now shows a Lot Code and a Past Planning Horizon column.
    • The Gantt colors have been updated. Most colors are now brighter and easier to read. Overtime has been changed to a dark pink color and potential overtime has been changed to a light pink color (previously white with a red border).
    • Material links now distinguish between material requirements and products.
    • Highlighting/Fading has been improved when selecting lower-level objects (Operation, Activity, etc). 
    • Grid performance was improved when filtering on certain column types. Grids will also cancel more quickly when loading large data sets to reduce delays between actions.
  • Capacity Plan: Improvements
    • Updated some default capacity plan settings.
  • InventoryPlot: Added ability to find an Operation in the Gantt.
    • Added a new operation column in the Inventory plan plot details. This column will quickly find the operation responsible for the inventory adjustment.
  • Resource CapacityType: changed to not be required for import
    • Changed Resource CapacityType to not be required for resource import.
  • Grids: Data fails to load and grid doesn’t show any rows:
    • Fixed an issue where a UDF that is imported with a value that doesn’t match its type causes a grid to fail to load data. Now, row values that can’t be evaluated will display
      an error to the user and will be logged. The data in those columns will need to be
      fixed in order to be used in the associated grid.
  • Activities Grid: Added expected usages columns.