Release Notes: Version 11.32

(November 1, 2018)

New Features:

  • Integrations: Add Ross integration files.
    • Ross integration files are available.
  • SetSubJobNeedDates: Enhance to allow for different options.
    • MRP Option Set Sub-Job Need Dates has been extended to include new options and the ability to specify more granular settings. The setting now has four settings for which
      date to use as the Sub-Job need date:
      • Parent Operation’s Start Date
      • Parent Operation’s JIT Start Date
      • The earlier of Start and JIT Date
      • Parent Job’s Bottlenecked Operation’s Start Date
    • This new fourth option allows for delaying the Sub-Job so that the parent job’s operations are compressed if there is a bottlenecked operation in the parent job. Using this new setting may reduce the time between start of the parent job and the start of the bottlenecked operation.
  • Lots: Add lot codes to sales orders and purchase orders:
    • Materials from purchase orders can be pegged to be used by specific operations. Sales Orders can be pegged to specific jobs and they now show adjustments in the
      inventory plan only when the material is available to ship. 
  • Improve the performance of optimization of scenarios that contain batch resources:
    • In Scenarios that contain batch resources, optimize might run slowly.
    • In one example, optimize took 1 hour, 11 minutes and 33 seconds to schedule 7,100 jobs.
    • After changes to improve the performance, this same example took only 16 minutes and 49 seconds to optimize. The optimize ran 4.25 times faster.
    • The debug configuration took 31:12. There was no timing information on how long Optimize took in this configuration prior to this change, but the debug configuration
      generally takes about twice as long to run as the release configuration, so
      it is probably running about the same number of times faster at 31 minutes instead
      of 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Corrected Issues:

  • Activity Grid Scheduling: no purple alert was created for material constrained moves.
  • KPI: On-Time Sales Orders % KPI not calculating
    • Sales Order KPIs have been updated to include both jobs classified as Sales Order and Sales Orders.
  • Single Plant Optimize: Default resource causes a job to be scheduled in a non-optimized plant.
    • When using Default resource, performing an optimize on a single plant may cause changes to other plants. 
  • MinMax Resource Constraints are not recalculated after qty change:
    • Fixed an issue where changing MO quantity via the Set Job Values dialog could cause the job to become ineligible on the resource it is scheduled. For example, due to MinMax qty constraints, the job will now be unscheduled if it is no longer eligible.
  • Grid Search: grid doesn’t find results when using the "-" symbol
  • Expedite won’t schedule successor manufacturing orders in the same job.
    • If an unscheduled job has multiple manufacturing orders, with one order being a
      successor manufacturing order to another in the same job, then an expedite
      will fail to schedule the successor manufacturing order.
    • Resolution: The successor manufacturing order now schedules.
  • Capacity Plan: Bucket length resets to the day after a client restarts.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the capacity plan chart bucket duration and bucket count to load incorrectly on client restart.
  • Materials Grid: Date Fields shown in UTC.
  • Resources grid layouts not saving in Activities pane:
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the resource grid in the Activities pane to not load grid
      layouts when switching workspaces.
  • Capable To Promise Need Date is incorrect and causing the job to appear late:
    • Updated CTP to display a result based on the availability of the material produced instead of the scheduled date of the job.
  • Inventory Adjustments: no adjustment for expired lots
    • Inventory plot details now display lot expiration along with the producing job. 
  • Activity Status time display in Activities.
  • Copying a user leads to changes affecting both users:
    • Fixed an issue that could result in updates inadvertently affecting copied users.
  • Jobs scheduling past the planning horizon:
    • It is possible for jobs to schedule past the planning horizon that should not due to lot code pegging.
    • Work around: None.
  • No Adjustment for Purchase Order source:
    • Fixed an issue where a purchase order could supply material for an operation, but would not be displayed in the inventory plan.
  • Max Inventory Level not calculating correctly:
    • Fixed an issue where the MaxInventoryLevel field could show an incorrect value.
  • Lots: Material pulling from ineligible lot source:
    • When using EligibleLots, it is possible for leftover material from a lot pegged to a demand to not be used.
    • Resolution: If a lot is pegged to demands through the Eligible Lots feature, any unused material in the lot will become generally available to other demands including demands that specify different Eligible Lots after all the demands have been fulfilled. In this case, the material that became available earliest will be used first.
  • Tanks: Tank storage does not extend to the last job when being consumed by more than one job:
    • If more than one job draws material from a tank, the tank’s end of storage might not be set to the latest block that uses the tank.

Minor Changes:

  • Object Reference Error – LatestMaterialReceipt in activities grid
    • Fixed an error that could occur when using the LatestMaterialReceipt column.
  • Add MO QTY to Materials Grid
    • Added a manufacturing order quantity column in the Materials Grid
  • The program does not load when configured for transfer quantity:
    • The program may abnormally terminate if you are using transfer quantity.
    • Resolution: Problem resolved.
  • New operation quantity doesn’t match Manufacturing Order quantity.
  • Generate Forecasts Error: Automatic
    • Fixed an error that would be shown when accessing the forecast generation tool.
  • Prevent Dragging and Resizing of capacity intervals only works for online and offline
  • Running operations un-schedule on status change:
    • Added improvements to avoid unscheduling running jobs when status changes in some
  • Purchase Order material not used at the receipt date:
    • Fixed an issue where purchase order material was not used if needed at the receipt date.
  • Jobs with multiple manufacturing orders that are predecessors/successors of each other will cause the program to terminate without warning.
    • If a job has multiple manufacturing orders and one of them is a successor of another, the program will crash without warning if the job is expedited.
    • Resolution: Fixed