Release Notes: Version 11.33

New Features:

  • MRP: Set OrderNumber field to the top-level demand
    • MRP sets the OrderNumber field on the generated jobs to the parent order number for which the order was created for. It is now set to the top-level demand’s order
  • Speed up the performance of multitasking resources
    • Optimizing and adjusting schedules that use multitasking resources is much slower than schedules that don’t use multitasking resources.
    • Changes have been made so that optimizes and adjustments to schedules with multitasking resources are about twice as fast as it used to be. The time has approximately been cut in half.

Corrected Issues:

  • Material Req: Planned Scrap Qty not importing.
  • Material Allocations: Operation constrained by available date schedules at lead time.
  • Incorrect Job Name is shown in the SuccessorMO validation error.
  • MRP not respecting Batch sizes.
  • The Production Report displays the incorrect quantity.
  • Lots: "Unable to cast" error when changing lot controlled type
    • Fixed an error caused when changing inventory from shelf-life to another lot control type.
  • Unschedule job with successor MO causes an error
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when unscheduling a job with successor MOs defined.
  • The JIT start time varies based on the capacity of the different eligible resources.
    • The JIT start time varies based on the schedule of different resources.
    • The “ideal JIT start time” is simply the need time of the operation minus the amount
      of time it takes to process.
    • To take the effect of online and offline intervals into account, the “estimated JIT
      start time” is calculated based on the schedule of a sample resource. That
      is, its online and offline intervals are taken into consideration to determine
      when the operation could actually schedule. This time can vary greatly
      depending on which resource is selected for the calculation.
    • Resolution: The “estimated JIT start date” is now based on the capacity
      of the resource that would allow the operation to schedule as close as possible
      to “ideal JIT start time”. 
  • Import timing out and freezing computer.
  • Impact grids don’t record manual moves
    • Fixed an issue where impact data was not recalculated after certain moves.
  • Optimize stops at 10% and freezes
    • Fixed an issue that could cause optimization to freeze.
  • JitStartDate calculation results in ArgumentOutOfRangeException
    • Fixed an issue where if an Operation doesn’t have any eligible resources, calculating its
      JitStartDate would result in an error.
  • Optimize is Slow
    • Fixed an issue with overlap that was slowing the optimize performance.
  • Jobs pulling material from on-hand inventory instead of allowed lots.
  • Error when removing allowed lot code from material requirements.
  • Error log takes a long time to resolve:
    • The same set of capacity intervals were being assigned to the same resource 9 different times. This was causing the same resource to be updated more than 100
      thousand times.

Minor Changes:

  • MultipleWarehouseSupplyAllowed checked for tank sourced material results in FailedToSchedule job:
    • If a job has a material requirement that can be sourced from multiple tanks
      (MultipleWarehouseSupplyAllowed is checked), it’s possible the job will fail to schedule.
  • Localization V11
    • Spanish translation updated.
  • Item.LotUsability field is disabled for new items:
    • New items created with the Maintain Inventories dialog can be set to lot controlled on
  • Move messages logged twice:
    • Messages received after a move will no longer be shown twice. 
  • Improve the naming of BaseObjects:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing new objects to include long numbers in their names,
      after their type.
  • Remove MrpProcessing.SetJobNeedDatesOnly:
    • Removed SetJobNeedDatesOnly from the list of options for MrpProcessing field on Inventory.
  • Resource Property: Number of Activities Scheduled on Resource
    • Added a new Resource property that displays the number of activities currently scheduled on the resource. This is available on the Activities grid and in Gantt labels.
  • Out of range exception from Gantt:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when switching user language.