Release Notes: Version 11.38

Changes for version 11.38 released June 15, 2020


Instance Manager: Simplify installing new software versions

When installing software updates from the instance manager, automatically download and run the web installer instead of taking the user to the download page. An instance's valid serial code will automatically be used so it does not need to be entered. 

PlanetTogether Report Designer

A new report format is available to load within the client. A PlanetTogether report designer is now available to create reports with the in-memory dataset, in addition to the existing standard reporting functionality. 

Update Webservices APIs to include scenario parameter

Updated APIs to be able to perform an action on a specific scenario. This includes Import, Optimize, Clock Advance, and Publish



Server Client encryption enhancement

Various enhancements were made to improve the encryption between the client and the server. We continue to make improvements to enhance data security and privacy.

Customization Documentation: Add Custom Interface documentation

We continue to update and improve our knowledge base to document the variety of ways to extend and customize PlanetTogether. More information on customizations can be found here.

Max Delay

Improved max delay to reduce shifting jobs when an operation is finished. 

MRP creating too much supply when using Safety Stock

Improved MRP to account for overproduction when using safety stock.

Set Sub-MO Need Date

Set Sub-MO Need Date was improved. 

Shop Views

Improved connections and usability.

Localization: Chinese Localization

Localization update for Chinese. 


Tank operations would fail to schedule during MRP

Fixed an issue where Tank operations could fail to schedule in some cases during MRP. Tank operations will now schedule past the planning horizon if there is a lack of capacity instead of failing to schedule. 

Localization: Fixed issues in Turkish localization

Fixed issues in Turkish localizations that could cause errors when trying to save UDFs.

Mappings adjustments are lost when the Back key is used

Changes made to the mapping wizard are now saved automatically on each page if "Save Automatically" is enabled.

KPIs not working when comparing two scenarios

Fixed an issue where KPIs would not show in the Compare Scenario screen if they were configured with different visibility.

Error creating an instance with some integration codes

Fixed an issue where creating an instance with the Roxx and some AX integration codes would not complete. 

Multi Move: Object Reference Exception

Fixed an issue where an error could occur when moving multiple activities on the Gantt screen.

Gantt Constraint Infor not showing

Fixed an issue where the pink material constraint line would not show. 

Incorrect current number of cycles when splitting job

On-Hand Quantity not populating in the department and plant schedules

Error when importing MO.ProductColor