Release Notes: Version 2017.3.21

(March 21, 2017)

Corrected Issues:

  • Multi-User performance
    • Improved performance and reliability when multiple users are using the system.
  • Supply details for Stock Materials in job dialog not showing correct qty when product rules are in use
  • InstanceManager: Cannot create Instance if there’s no internet connection
  • Alternate Paths: Job fails to schedule
    • If a job is anchored to an unschedulable alternate path, it will fail to schedule
      without warning and  won’t automatically try out other eligible Alternate
    • Resolution:
      • A warning is created for jobs locked to an unschedulable path.
      • If an Anchored job is scheduled using an alternate path that subsequently becomes unschedulable, the job is unanchored and unscheduled.
  • Track Actuals: Tracked Job is Drawn on Gantt when not finished
  • Track Actuals: Green and White area appears in past upon import
  • Move: Move of job results in un-scheduling of previously scheduled jobs
  • Jobs that are set to “Setting up” are not moved to the front of the schedule
    • Activities that are setting up might appear at the front of the schedule before running
    • Resolution:
      Activities that have the status Setting Up will now schedule at the front of the schedule, behind any Running activities.

Minor Changes:

  • Exception when copying Live scenario to Publish scenario
    • Fixed a “Failed to save settings” error that could happen when copying the live
      scenario to the published scenario.
  • NullReferenceException in InventoryAdjustmentGrid
    • Fixed an error that could occur when clicking on an inventory in the inventory plan.
  • Index was out of range error
    • Fixed an issue that would show an error to other users when one user logged out.
  • Services crash when multiple users logged in
  • File in use exception with simultaneous logins
  • Number fields publish with only 2 decimal places
  • Data Import: import takes too long to process
  • ToolTip: Insights has incorrect value for Remaining QTY
  • Track Actuals: Finished Jobs being track draw over scheduled jobs on gantt
    • If track actuals is enabled, then track actuals that overlap jobs will instead
      squish to show both at once like multitasking resources do. This requires
      restarting the client to take affect when track actuals is enabled or disabled