Resource KPIs

Consolidation of Resource KPIs

  • Drum Resource Utilization (%) KP
  • Subcontract Cost
  • Resource Online Cost

Drum Resource Utilization (%) KPI

The percent of available time (Online, Overtime or Potential Overtime) across the Schedule Span on Resources marked as Drums that is scheduled to be busy (with setup, run, etc.).


Drum Resource Utilization (%) KPI =  (ScheduledUsageHours.Hours / RawCapacityHours.Hours) * 100 where Resource.Drum = true

Significant Data

  • Resource.Drum


Subcontract Cost

The cost of all subcontracting done for scheduled Jobs.


Subcontract Cost = Sum for all Activities where Activity.Scheduled = true, (Resource.StandardHourlyCost * CapacityInterval.Duration where CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Online) + (Resource.OvertimeHourlyCost * CapacityInterval.Duration where CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Overtime OR CapacityInterval.IntervalType = Potential Overtime) if Resource.ResourceType = Subcontractor

Significant Data

  • Activity.Scheduled
  • Resource.StandardHourlyCost
  • Resource.OvertimeHourlyCost
  • CapacityInterval.Duration
  • CapacityInterval.IntervalType
  • Resource.ResourceType


Resource Online Cost

The cost of all active Resources running either online or cleanout shifts.


Resource Online Cost = Sum across all Resources, Resource.StandardHourlyCost * Sum of all Cleanout Interval Length on this Resource + Resource.StandardHourlyCost * Sum of all Online Interval Length on this Resource.

Significant Data

  • Resource.StandardHourlyCost


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