Successor MO Overlap

Sample customization that allows a successor order to overlap the predecessor on the schedule after the transfer hours.

This guide will review and demonstrate the SuccessorMOOverlap customization. If you are just getting started, view the following articles for more information on the basics: getting started with customizations.


By default, the system optimizes every job to be scheduled as soon as possible. This customization allows the user to define the predecessors that must be scheduled before the successors. It also allows the user to define the amount of hours the predecessor must be running before the successor can be scheduled.  


As you can see in the image below the successor order is defined in the UDF by the SuccessorMO. This means that the order MO020 is the predecessor and must be scheduled first. The UDF SuccessorMOTransferHrs is the amount of hours between the start of the predecessor start time and the first available start time for the successor, in the case 4 hours. 


Without the customization

For example, the successor order and the predecessor order will be scheduled at the same time after an optimization.


With the customization

With the customization, the successor order is scheduled after the first available opportunity after the SuccessorMOTransferHrs is met. As you can see from the below image the successor order has to wait till the SuccessorMOTransferHrs, in this case, it is 4 hours, is met before it can be scheduled.



Download Visual Studio project.

Download the customization file for version 11.39.15.

Rename the sample scenario file to scenarios.dat when loading in PlanetTogether.

Download sample scenario.dat file for version 11.39.