Throughput per Drum Hour KPI

Throughput & Resource KPI

Throughput per Drum Hour

Throughput of Jobs scheduled on at least one Drum Resource divided by the capacity hours used on the Drum Resources.


Jobs that use more Drum Resource capacity per unit of Throughput may be financially less attractive for your business since they are consuming critical resources while contributing less Throughput per hour of capacity consumed.


Throughput per Drum Hour = SUM((T) Throughput) for Jobs scheduled on at least one Resource.Drum = true / SUM(Activity.ScheduledEndDate – Activity.ScheduledStartDate) for all Activities scheduled on Resource where Resource.Drum = true.

Significant Data

Special Considerations

Activities in Batches are counted individually, meaning that if two Jobs are batched on a Drum Resource then the Batch’s Scheduled Duration will be counted twice.

Only jobs that are scheduled on at least one drum resource are included in the sum of Job Throughput.