Uninstalling PlanetTogether

This article will walk you through the steps of uninstalling the PlanetTogether Server and Client.


Uninstalling PlanetTogether Server

PlanetTogether can now be uninstalled from Windows using an uninstaller application. This will automatically uninstall the PlanetTogether Services and delete the PlanetTogether installation folder.

  1. Stop Instance Services
    1. Open the Instance Manager
    2. Ensure that all services are stopped
  2. Find the PlanetTogether application in Windows
  3. Click the Uninstall button


Uninstalling PlanetTogether Server Manually

  1. Stop Instance Services
    1. Open the Instance Manager
    2. Highlight the Instance
    3. Click "Stop Services" Button
  2. Delete Instances
    1. Open Instance Manager
    2. Highlight Instance
    3. Click "Delete" Button
  3. Delete PlanetTogether Server Manager Service
    1. Open Command Prompt (run as Administrator)
    2. Type: net stop "APS Server Manager"  (include quotes, press ENTER)
    3. Type: sc delete "APS Server Manager" (include quotes, press ENTER)
    4. Note: Removing the Server Manager will remove all links between the Instance Services and PlanetTogether APS Programs. Please make sure that all PlanetTogether APS PRograms are closed before removing the Server Manager. 
  4. Delete the PlanetTogether Folder in:
    1. The default installation folder path is: C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS
    2. If the software was installed in another location, delete the folder from that location


Uninstalling Services Manually

Windows Services can be uninstalled by running an elevated command prompt or PowerShell.
  • sc delete "Service Name" will remove the associated service.
  • For example, use the command: sc delete "APS Server Manager" to uninstall the APS Server Manager service.


Removing Data from the Server or Client

  • Removing Data from the Server
    • Once all services are removed, delete the installation directory. The default is:
    • C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether
  • Removing Data from the Client
    • Client data can be removed from the client installation path. The default is:
    • %AppData%\PlanetTogether Inc


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