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Uninstalling APS Server Manager

Uninstalling Services Manually

Windows services can be uninstalled by running and elevated command prompt or powershell.

sc delete "Service Name" will remove the associated service. For example to uninstall APS Server Manager service use the command: sc delete "APS Server Manager"

Removing Data from the Server

Once all services are removed, delete the installation directory, default: 


Removing Data from the Client

Client data can be removed from the client installation path, default:

%appdata%\PlanetTogether Inc

To uninstall APS Server Manager Service with the uninstall utility:

1. Unzip InstallUtil.zip
2. Depending on your machine, pick either the 32 or 64 bit version of InstallUtil and rename the file to InstallUtil.exe (InstallUtil-32.exe InstallUtil.exe).
3. Copy and paste InstallUtil.exe to where APS Server Manager is installed. For example, C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether\Software\ServerManager\
4. Edit the batch file within UninstallServerManager.zip using notepad. Instructions for editing the file are included in the file.
5. Right-click on the bat file and select “Run as administrator”.

• If APS Server Manager is uninstalled, instances won’t be able to start and run.
• This won’t delete the files, just unregister the Windows Service.
• This is a preferred method over deleting the service directly from the registry

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