Release Notes: Version 2016.10.5

(October 5, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Move: Exception occurs after move
  • Move: Fails when activity has multiple ResourceRequirements
  • Simulation exception after move
    • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances would result in an unstable schedule after a move.
  • Issue with customizations relating to setup time calculation
    • All setups were zero if using time customizations.
  • Tanks: Material Availability incorrect
    • Material was being released at the wrong time.
      • In tanks that were supposed to release at the end of post processing time.
      • When a material’s release is OperationRunStart. 
  • Anchor won’t anchor from the jobs dialog
    • Activities can now be un-anchored from the jobs dialog. Previously they could only be anchored.
  • Expedite: Expedite fails when predecessor MO is finished
  • LatestContraint: Operation hold reason set to MO hold
  • Jobs set to Do Not Schedule could impact optimize
  • IssuedQty: IssuedQty not being accounted for
    • Issued quantity wasn’t always used to satisfy material constraints.
  • ATPQty column sorts incorrectly in the Inventory Plan
  • ATP Quantity – the value displayed in the Inventory Plan doesn’t match the value displayed in the Inventory Plot.
  • NullReferenceException when logging in if using Nearest Sawtooth Setup Nbr. Optimize rule
  • Operation ExpectedFinishedQty is incorrect when “Set Start Qty From Predecessor Qty” is true
  • Activities Grid: Rows can be deleted without actually impacting the underlying data
  • Move attempt fails and causes other operations to unschedule
  • System crashes when running MRP
    • This was caused by a loop in the BOMs. There is now a limit of 100 BOM levels. If exceeded MRP will stop and display an error to the user to assist in determining the issue.

Minor Changes:

  • Product FixedQty: not respected
    • Product TotalOutputQty could be adjusted by MRP even though it was marked as FixedQty.
  • Alerts: Update alert count when new job is created