Release Notes: Version 2016.3.10

(March 10, 2016)

New Features:

  • Add tooltips to Job Gantt
  • Improvements to CTP functionality
    • Users can run CTP for an Item stored in a specific Warehouse by specifying the Warehouse in the CTP dialog. When running CTPs involving multiple
      levels of Jobs across different Warehouses, an transfer time can be
      specified between FromWarehouse and ToWarehouse using InventoryTransferRule
      dialog. There are three new “scheduling types” that can be selected
      when running CTP: Optimize: Runs an Optimize at the end. Expedite to Clock:
      Expedites the Job to Clock (Do ASAP) Expedite to JIT Start Date: Expedites the
      Job it’s JIT Start Date. Minor updates to the CTP dialog

Corrected Issues:

  • Expediting a Finished Job causes ArgumentOfRangeException
  • Exception on Optimize when Enforce MaxDelay is on
    • Fixed a potential error when using Enforce Max Delay with finished or omitted
  • Undoing an action could result in out of date data and gantt features not working
    • In some circumstances, undoing an action would result in some UI elements to not load
      the correct data. This could result in out of date information. Also fixed
      a related issue that would cause certain actions on the jobs grid to fail
      after undo. For example, find.
  • Desynchronization: ExtraServices doesn’t recover after attempting to reload
  • Order becomes unscheduled after import due to predecessor job being removed
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Successor MO Jobs to become unscheduled when
      the predecessor job is removed.
  • Product rules not compatible with some optimize rules
    • Product rules are now correctly factored in when using certain optimize rules.
  • When the client is disconnected from the server, due to network issues for
    example, it will automatically restart

Minor Changes:

  • During Import if Resource Capacity Type change is rejected then the Resources
    beyond that are AutoDeleted
  • Connected Jobs Gantt: Object Reference Error on Refresh
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Job Gantt to display an error if the job being displayed has been deleted.
  • Jobs & Activities Grid – “Apply” is only temporary when making
    column changes
    • Updated the grid column configuration dialog to use have a Preview option instead of an Apply option. Canceling the dialog will not make any changes to the grid columns.
  • Jobs Dialog: Un-Anchoring doesn’t get saved.
    • This Anchored checkbox and Anchor Start Date were not supposed to be
      editable. They are now read-only. To change anchoring use the gantt, jobs grid, or activities grid.