Release Notes: Version 2016.5.4

(May 4, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Client and server become desynchronized
    • Client and server could become desynchronized if the model contains product rules and product rules are cleared using the scenario clear data functionality.
  • Hold on MOs or Operations not enforced
  • Activities->Activities Tab: Clicking “On Hold” button does not work
    • Fixed an issue that would cause an error when attempting to put an activity on hold from the Activity Status area within the activity scheduling grid.
  • Helper resource block may not be scheduled due to mismatching department frozen spans
  • CTP generates jobs to cover all shortages rather than what’s required by CTP request
  • JobDialog: Corrected validation for PlanningScrapPercent column in Operation grid
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when computing Job eligibility
    • Fixed an error that could be encountered when using resource connectors and finishing successor operations before the predecessor.
  • Gantt Resource Grid Image column does not display image if it’s not the second column in the grid
  • View Error log button is highlighted without any errors during MRP. Note: "Error logs" are now called "Message logs" to be more accurate. 
  • Inventory Transfer Rule Dialog error when there are less than two Warehouses in the System
  • CTP deletes other Template or Job when attempting deleting CTP job
    • When performing a CTP, if the “CTP Name” text box equals an existing Job ExternalId, deleting the CTP Job (from CTP dialog) may delete the Job that has ExternalId equal to “CTP Name”.
  • Users with ViewPublished ScenarioAccess are able to change data and schedule