SAP ERP White Papers

Extending SAP ERP for Production Planning and Scheduling


by Shaun Snapp, Founder of SCM Focus


The use of SAP ERP for manufacturing planning automatically compels manufacturers to ask how they can extend ERP with more advanced software to gain higher efficiency and output. The first step is to understand, at a high level, what capability the ERP manufacturing module actually delivers. Read more.



Power of Simplicity—PlanetTogether APS to SAP


by Shaun Snapp, Founder of SCM Focus


“How difficult is it to integrate your application to SAP?” Even best-of-breed vendors hear this question every time an SAP user considers integrating an APS with his system.  In this article, I plan to put our readers’ minds at ease. Read more.


What If You Paid Nothing for SAP Software? How SAP’s TCO Compares for Production Planning


When I am often told about the reasons for decisions to go with software that I am familiar with, the logic does not seem to make sense. In fact the entire process for repeatedly selecting expensive and lower functionality software from the major monopoly vendors turns out not to based in the main comparison points of software. Read More