Improve Delivery Performance with PlanetTogether’s Production Scheduling Software

Galaxy APS, PlanetTogether’s Production Scheduling Software, connects multi-plant operations with real-time visibility and collaboration to maximize throughput and on-time delivery. Manufacturers that use Galaxy APS experience:


Improved delivery performance
Boosts in profit
Reductions in inventory and labor costs
Six-month return on investment


Easily reschedule production orders, quickly solve bottlenecks, analyze what-if situations, and eliminate the need for manual data input or burdensome spreadsheets. Learn how Galaxy APS can benefit your company.


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Easily Create Optimized, Up-to-Date Schedules

Use the Co-Pilot to create automated and optimized schedules based on specific KPIs
(Part of the September 2014 product release)


Rapidly Generate Make/Buy Plans to Satisfy Demand


Standardize and Coordinate Across Plants and Around the Globe


Tightly Integrate with Your ERP, MES, and Supply Chain Systems


See in Real-time a 360-Degree View of Your Operations


Keep it Safe and Simple with a Microsoft .Net /SQL Based Platform




Comparison of ERP, APS and Spreadsheet Based Planning & Scheduling Systems (White Paper)




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