Advantages of PlanetTOgether APS

Enjoy the true advantages PlanetTogether APS delivers to your company. A pioneer and authority in the advanced production planning and scheduling software industry, PlanetTogether provides robust solutions for industries such a Food & Beverage production, packaging, electronics, medical device, industrial manufacturing, and other sectors. We provide in-depth support for detailed scheduling, sequencing, capacity planning, inventory planning, and predictive analytics.  

Why choose PlanetTogether?

  • Speed: If you want agile planning, then you've come to the right system. PlanetTogether has a powerful in-memory architecture that enables planning in seconds for most factories. If you have more than 10,000 orders in your plan, then PlanetTogether is maybe the only system that is a practical solution. Test it out in a Proof-of-Concept and see for yourself.
  • Flexible Modeling Capabilities: Effective Scheduling is all about good fit. If the generated schedules are not accurate and can't be followed in production then your people simply won't use the software. PlanetTogether has 40 years of research and real-world development baked in, to include an amazing range of options out of the box. It is also also customizable using Microsoft .Net tools -- this allows extension to virtually any factory's needs so that your schedules are accurate and reliable.
  • What-If Scenarios & Impact Analysis: You can create any number of scenarios, share them with others and see the detailed impact on specific orders. You can also change any master data in your scenarios for maximum flexibility in your analysis.
  • Collaborative Multi-Plant, Multi-Planner: If you want network plans that synchronize production across your departments, plants and warehouses, then you need a system designed to accommodate this. While other systems treat your plants like islands and only allow one planner to be logged in at a time, we called our system PlanetTogether because it has a multi-plant, multi-user collaborative architecture that will align your planners around the planet.  
  • Unified Scheduling & Inventory: Your schedules depend on your inventory (raw and WIP). Your inventory depends on your schedules. The two can't be separated. PlanetTogether enables you to create optimized plans that take both into account simultaneously, resulting in realistic plans that cover demand and efficient operational schedules that are both material and capacity feasible.
  • Smart Factory Real-time Workflows: Running a factory with a high degree of automation requires a real-time responsive planning system to adapt to disruptions of material and resources in seconds. PlanetTogether gives you the flexibility to create infinite workflows that respond automatically to whatever events occur in your supply chain or factory floor, to keep your plants running at peak efficiency.

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Integrate your core IT infrastructure, ERP, MRP or MES system. PlanetTogether is a prime APS integration solution for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Aptean Ross, SQL Server, QAD, and many other industry leaders. Be ready for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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Success through Advanced Planning & Scheduling

MRP, ERP, and no matter the size of your operation, PlanetTogether scales to meet your needs.

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Whether you have plants and warehouses around the world or in a single location, working to achieve Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 status, with PlanetTogether production planning and scheduling, you'll have demand, capacity and inventory visibility to help you get ahead of whatever changes are coming your way.

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