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Arbela - Microsoft Dynamics Implementation (USA)

arbela-logoWe provide strategic business and technology consulting services, including implementation, integration, migration, training, support, project management, as well as custom development. As your business grows and evolves, we are there every step of the way as your trusted advisor.


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Execution Partners (USA)

execution partnersExecution Partners helps companies improve performance & achieve objectives through focused execution support, and the implementation of efficient and reliable "execution systems"

We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging problems, streamline critical processes, and execute complex projects and programs, while carefully managing change and building internal capabilities.

We provide expert guidance, best practices, effective tools, and hands-on support, enabling teams to achieve better results faster, cheaper, and more sustainably through improved clarity, alignment, transparency and accountability.

Wherever possible, we strive to implement efficient and reliable “execution systems” to enable significant and sustainable performance improvement, through the alignment of people, processes, and technology.

Execution Partners - your shortest and surest path from challenges to results.


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IoTco - Predictive Analytics, Maintenance, Quality (USA)

IoTco is the Internet of Things Company. We enable industrial and manufacturing clients to deliver results through digital transformation by adopting and scaling technology on their plant floors.


We serve clients in their journey to realize “smart factory” and “smart product” applications in automotive, aerospace/defense, heavy industry, and other verticals. Our client, Maxion Wheels, was the only automotive client to win the first A.I. Leadership Award in 2019 by the National Association of Manufacturers (N.A.M.).


We provide the latest in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Predictive Analytics technology and services, coupled with our IoT Academy for Industry 4.0 training and education. We rapidly deploy AI-based solution templates for Predictive Maintenance (zero-downtime) and Predictive Quality (zero-waste). IoTco technology offers seamless Connectivity to any device and thing, intelligent Cognition of big data streams, and cross-IT-system Collaboration.


IoTco is headquartered in the United States - Cincinnati OH, with a global network of expert partners in Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, China, and India.


Digital Transformation Delivered.


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Kreatif Dinamika - Microsoft Gold Certified Implementation Partner (Indonesia)

69cbec_bb6a9e527e3b48c993ad862780253d83We deliver business solution and your specific needs

KREATIF provide apps that work together seamlessly in the cloud. Each application solves real problems and delivers real value. We combine apps and create end-to-end solution, so you can get the power and possibilities to transform your business.


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LaneOPX - Turnaround Management, Operational Excellence, Applied Learning (USA)

LaneOPX_Website_Logo_excellenceLaneOPX is an Operational Excellence firm that provides configuration and customization solutions to meet the unique needs of PlanetTogether clients. We utilize our team members’ experience with planning and scheduling and our background with APICS and Industrial Engineering to understand and meet client needs in a variety of industries, including Consumer Products, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Manufacturing, Industrial Products, Machine Shops, Defense and Aerospace, Medical Devices, Food Processing, Health Care Products, Business Systems, and Education.

Our team of software engineers and systems and operations experts focuses on building or tailoring custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) and APS systems to fit the specific business needs of clients. Our services center on customized systems that provide the data analytics, metrics and dashboards, custom reporting, and applications needed to reach the highest level of operations efficiency.

Our success stems from our deep understanding of business operations. By blending our systems knowledge with Value Engineering, New Product Development, and Lean manufacturing, we help clients reach the next level of Operational Excellence.


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LSI Scheduling Solutions (USA)

SS Logo No Background


LSI Scheduling Solutions provides industry-leading APS technology to manufacturers and producers who require world-class planning solutions. Our highly experienced team has implemented APS solutions to

over 150 manufacturing sites.


Everything we do is built around our ability to understand your unique requirements. Our detailed knowledge and experience in many industries make this easier.


By asking difficult questions and focusing on your problems we avoid wasting time. We ask the difficult questions from the first time we talk to you until we have completed your full-blown assessment. We never claim that we can solve all your problems, but we do claim that we will be upfront with you about what we can, and cannot, do for you.


Our experience tells us that one of the reasons that APS implementations fail is because of the temptations to do too much too soon. We work hard from day one to help you focus on delivering the most important results in the shortest amount of time. This process, or what we call our methodology, is what helps us build long-term partnerships with each of our customers.


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On-Time Edge - Manufacturing coaching and consulting (USA)
On-Time Edge

On-Time Edge is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in helping  manufacturers with complex supply chains consistently fulfill delivery commitments to their customers… profitably.


Spyglass - Reduce unplanned downtime, increase OEE, and improve quality (N. America)

spyglass-logo-transSpyglass Connected Factory is an AI-driven application that empowers manufacturers to monitor, control, and predict crucial aspects of the manufacturing process. With secure, flexible cloud technologies for real-time data streaming and predictive analytics, Spyglass enables manufacturers to reduce unplanned downtime, improve quality, and optimize production - ultimately reducing operating costs.

Spyglass Visual Inspection harnesses the power of image recognition, IIoT, and AI to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with manufacturing flaws.

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Toward Zero - Reduce Manufacturing Waste and Loss (USA)

Operational excellence in manufacturing is your goal. Our global team of manufacturing business consultants and engineers bridge the gap between corporate strategy and execution at the operational level, so manufacturers achieve strategic objectives to operate efficiently and profitably.


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BMI Software and Consultancy

BMI logo


BMI Software and Consultancy was founded in 2011 by a team with 20 years of business process experience. We carry out operation management consultancy, project consultancy, process development, project management, and development of ERP methodology in various enterprises. Thanks to its wealth of experience as well as knowledge of different sectors, BMI continues to provide active consultancy services to its customers.


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CSA - ERP, APS, CPM service and consulting (Turkey)

In 2011, CSA Business Software and Consulting was founded to take aim at running ERP (QAD) operations successfully in Turkey. At this point, CSA has improved its service quality to the top tier in customer satisfaction by leveraging trained consultants and company owners who have experience at ERP, APS and CPM projects for more than 20 years. Our goal is implementing innovative changes via effective technological and industrial practices to customers who are using our products or planning to use while giving the best software and consulting service.


Eurosystem - Consulting, services and IT solutions for over 38 year (Italy)

logoOur task is to accompany you on the path of cultural and technological change, cultivating IT projects for business growth together.

We were born in Treviso 38 years ago and today we help our customers, big and small, to look beyond their horizons by designing IT infrastructures and scalable application systems to support them better and make their business efficient and responsive.

We are an IT consultancy company operating throughout North and Central Italy: a team of technicians, engineers, and researchers working alongside you to offer all-around advice, solutions, and IT services.


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PRODA - Smart Business Solutions
 We at Proda have been generating consultancy solutions in the Information Technology sector for 20 years. Our unique approach to engaging employees and customers creates many favorable customer impressions. We make a difference by focusing on the continuous improvement of business processes and consultancy quality.

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Asia Pacific:

Allied Solutions (Malaysia)
On-Time Edge

A technology service provider with engineering excellence


ASPL (M) Sdn. Bhd. is at present a renowned total technology solutions provider of total industry electrification, automation and digitalization. Specialized in electrical generation and distribution, industrial automation to digital transformation. We are focus in providing our customer with our engineering excellent solution from hardware, software and complete solutions system. As basic of electrical generation and distribution to the industrial plant wide automation. Our solutions meet every of our customer needs in realization of Industrial 4.0 which will transform conventional industrial technology to a more profitable and advanced business. Including the trend of Industrial Internet of Things, we assure that you benefit the most out of the fast moving world.


ASPL (M) Sdn. Bhd. is at present consists of 3 business division; Electrification, Automation and Digitalization. We do trade of hardware and software in all 3 divisions. Furthermore we do provide system solutions and engineering project in all three business division to meet our customer needs.

CoZhang (China)

Hangzhou Cozhang Data Technology Co.,Ltd (“Cozhang Data”) is the leading solution provider of factory production planning optimization in China. Cozhang has a professional team that focuses on the improvement of the entire plant/production floor, such as production management, ERP/APS implementation and software development, so users can quickly respond to the needs of various management information systems of the factory. Having on more than 10 years of production management experience, and a deep knowledge of APS Systems, we can provide advanced production planning and scheduling solutions to various industries including household appliance, textiles, clothing, printing, food and beverage. We help companies achieve better customer satisfaction and maximize resource efficiency. Cozhang also can provide information systems plan and design, information systems implementation, and ERP optimization consulting services.


杭州众章数据科技有限公司是国内领先的工厂生产计划优化的解决方案提供商 杭州众章数据科技有限公司具有一支专注工厂管理改善的专家队伍,涉及了生产制造管理、ERP /APS实施、软件开发的专业队伍,可以快速响应工厂的各类管理信息系统的需求。 依托十多年的生产管理经验、依托历史悠久的美国PlanetTogether的APS(高级计划和排程)软件,可以为家用电器、纺织和服装、电子电器、PCB、精密机械制造、太阳能等新能源、汽车零部件和汽车整机、飞机及飞机零部件、船舶、工程机械,印刷,制药和化妆品、饮料和食品等不同行业提供完美的生产计划和排程解决方案,协助企业实现客户满意和资源效率最大化。 杭州众章数据科技有限公司还可以为中小制造企业提供信息系统规划和设计、信息系统第三方实施、ERP优化等咨询服务。


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Central & South America:

GCM - Business Consulting and Technology (Mexico)

Logo_GCMImportant solutions for your business processes
Our portfolio of solutions creates competitiveness and efficiency in all processes of the supply chain, extend the reach of ERP systems in the processes of demand planning, planning and optimization of the supply chain, production programming, planning and optimization of transport, performance management and planning of sales and operations, among others.

World leading companies in the industries of process industries (food, beverages, chemicals, etc.), service parts (spare parts, electronics, etc.) use our solutions to streamline their supply chains.


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Objetiva Solução - SAP Gold Partner (Brazil)

logoObjetiva Solução was born with the purpose of offering high quality corporate solutions at an affordable price. Our Quality Policy is to provide products and services within the established deadline, with high quality.


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aggity (Europe, Central & South America)


aggity is a multinational technology company specialising in the Digital Transformation of manufacturing companies. An international presence with aggity subsidiaries across Europe, Central & South America. We deliver international projects. More than 25 years of experience in the implementation of APS & MES projects, turning factories into intelligent factories 4.0. We combine the best IT platforms with our best practices and value-added services for the implementation of successful projects.


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AGR Dynamics - Demand and Supply Planning (Global)

AGR-Dynamics-WEB-logo-v2-1AGR is a specialist demand and supply chain planning company offering software, training and consultancy solutions for wholesale and retail companies.


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Aptean - ROSS ERP for Process Manufacturers (Global)

Ross ERP is built specifically for process manufacturers that aptean-logo-transwant to streamline operations, quickly bring new products to the marketplace, and easily ramp up production, while cutting costs and complying with ever more stringent retailer requirements and federal regulations.


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Aveva (Global)

Aveva - Wikipedia


Connecting information and artificial intelligence with human insight

AVEVA’s leading industrial software, together with OSIsoft’s world-class operational data management, empowers the people behind industries to engineer smarter, operate better and drive sustainable efficiency


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Kinaxis (Global)

kinaxis white background

Everyday volatility and uncertainty demand quick action.

Kinaxis revolutionizes planning by delivering the agility you need to make fast, confident decisions in an unpredictable world. We combine human intelligence with AI and our unique concurrent planning technique so you can plan better, live better and change the world.


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Navigator - SAP Gold Partner (Global)

Navigator20black20horizontal2020sap20long20300pp-120compressed-minNavigator gives you the security & stability of SAP, the customer care of a local company, and a custom integration stack that connects each part of your business.


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