Production Planning & Control Software for IT Directors

Plug-in PlanetTogether APS to easily create production plans and realistic schedules from your SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Ross, QAD, Sage, Epicor, or other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Main Benefits: 

  • Deliver on-time
  • Gain visibility
  • Cut inventory
  • Synchonize plants
  • Grow profits
  • Reduce lead times
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Optimize Productivity 

Main Capabilities:

  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Integration
  • Visual factory 

Amazing flexibility & capability, right out of the box

All the functionality your team needs for extreme visibility and productivity are waiting for you. If you have production planning and scheduling challenges you've come to the right place.

Ideal for IT. Deploy & manage with ease.

If you're like most companies you probably already have 99% of the data you need to turn on PlanetTogether and turn up your operations. Plug into your ERP system with a pre-built connector or use the Connection Wizard to configure a new data map. Deploy the way you want: on-site or hosted, on desktops or via Citrix, with perpetual license or by subscription. It's your call and we'll be there every step of the way to make it easy.

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APS Features

With PlanetTogether Scheduling, you'll create better production schedules much faster with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you'll know that commitments made will be commitments that are met.

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Proof of Concept to Satisfy IT Stakeholders

Our proof of concept sales model allows you to try before you buy. You wade into the purchase phase with as much known about the satisfaction level of the integration that you can possibly know - then you can get into refinement and specialization of your APS integration. We train your staff how to target in SQL.  

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"We searched diligently for the right tools in the SAP family and found the systems lacking, so we looked elsewhere. PlanetTogether was the most flexible and adaptable option."

Vice President of Operations Support

“The fact that PlanetTogether was .NET-based was important. It meant we could easily integrate with our manufacturing software."

Materials Manager

"On the integration to SAP: “We flipped the switch and it worked. It was a seamless transition. The team at PlanetTogether is exceptional.”

Director of Manufacturing

"The requests for information and meetings around challenges tied to production have gone down. We now have ‘one version of the truth,’ which is a win.”

Master Scheduler

"PlanetTogether's software is by far the best and most encompassing planning software package offered today. Before it took hours to schedule our production because scheduling was based on manual reports. Now it only takes seconds!”

Production Scheduling Manager

"I’m very happy now that everything is up and running. We use it for everything. PlanetTogether has cut production scheduling time in half."

Production Scheduler

Free Trial Offer for IT Directors & Staff

Those in IT can appreciate what it is like to bring in a new integration in-house. Gain insight into APS and see if it falls inline with your broader production and IT needs. These things have a way of overlapping at APS might address other pending IT initiatives in a good way.commitments met.

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PlanetTogether IT Director APS Demo

Let us show you the integration highlights, as well as our progressive proof of concept approach, to and through onboarding for successful adoption.

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