Production Planning and COntrol - Without Spreadsheets!

Capacity planning with advanced scheduling for Planners and Schedulers There are a lot of tools out there to help you visualize a schedule, but how about helping you create, adjust and optimize a schedule with ease? That's the hard part. PlanetTogether scheduling software makes it easy for you every step of the way. It is vital when trying to optimize your capacity planning initiatives. 

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So What Makes Us Different?

  • Bring your people together in a collaborative system to improve efficiency and communication. 
  • PlanetTogether resolves production constraints automatically and creates KPI-driven schedules.
  • Create and compare unlimited Scenarios. You can even turn on CoPilot to look for the best case scenarios for you!

Easily schedule orders with visibility:

  • Take care of your customers with greater agility and less chaos.
  • Quickly schedule new orders to equipment, labor, and material resources while understanding impact.

Visual Order Scheduling:

  • Schedule new orders with drag-and-drop, automatically
  • Insert Jobs to maximize KPI without making existing orders late

Impact Analysis:

  • Check the Impact Analysis to see the effects on orders and KPI
  • "Undo" if you don't like the results

Flexible Alerts:

  • Keep everyone informed of critical information with custom alerts
  • Clickable alerts and drill-down into the details

Keep All Schedules Optimized for Max Throughput

Your production schedule sets the course for your business performance. With PlanetTogether's powerful Optimization, your resources and materials are utilized according to your business objectives. Integrated MPS, MRP and detailed scheduling makes business optimization easier than ever.

Flexible Optimization:

Automate schedule creation by flexible weighted factors or Key Performance Indicators. Then sit back and let PlanetTogether keep your production on track.

Real-Time Adjustment:

Your factory is dynamic. PlanetTogether adjusts schedules immediately to keep everyone informed from sales to manufacturing to shipping.

Powerful Drag-and-Drop:

When you drop an order on a different resource or in a new timeslot your work is done and you know the impact immediately.

Find & Share the Best Scenarios For Optimization

Production scheduling always involves making trade-offs and decisions about priorities. With PlanetTogether you'll be able to evaluate alternatives faster to find better solutions.

Compare What-Ifs:

Create Scenarios with a click and experiment in a "sandbox" environment. Compare Scenarios by KPI then easily share your findings with your team.

Soar with CoPilot:

Turn on CoPilot, select your KPI, and unleash your server's untapped processing power to look for better Scenarios for you.

Alternatives & Preferences:

Use alternate resources, split work across machines, adjust shifts and set resource preferences. Keep manual control or allow PlanetTogether to do it for you.

More Popular Scheduling Features:

  • Flexible Views
  • Rescheduling Tools
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Product Rules & Capabilties
  • Custom Logic
  • Capable To Promise
  • Buffer against Variability
  • Diverse Resources
  • Precise Timing
  • Shop Dispatch


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With PlanetTogether Scheduling, you'll create better production schedules much faster with Microsoft 365 for Operations / Dynamics AX. SAP and Ross (others). Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you'll know that commitments made will be commitments that are met. 

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Why ERP Alone is Not Enough

With PlanetTogether Scheduling, you'll create better production schedules much faster. Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you'll know that commitments made will be commitments met. Your ERP alone is not enough for the pace of tomorrow.

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"We searched diligently for the right tools in the SAP family and found the systems lacking, so we looked elsewhere. PlanetTogether was the most flexible and adaptable option."

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“The fact that PlanetTogether was .NET-based was important. It meant we could easily integrate with our manufacturing software."

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"On the integration to SAP: “We flipped the switch and it worked. It was a seamless transition. The team at PlanetTogether is exceptional.”

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"The requests for information and meetings around challenges tied to production have gone down. We now have ‘one version of the truth,’ which is a win.”

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"PlanetTogether's software is by far the best and most encompassing planning software package offered today. Before it took hours to schedule our production because scheduling was based on manual reports. Now it only takes seconds!”

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"I’m very happy now that everything is up and running. We use it for everything. PlanetTogether has cut production scheduling time in half."

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A Planner's role centers around the scheduling. What better way to see how to get away from scheduling production in spreadsheets with a hands-on Free Trial. 

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