Integrating Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) Software with Factivity MES

Factivity MES and APS advanced capacity planning for Manufacturing The FACTIVITY Shop Floor Workbench (SFW) MES software helps you dynamically control the factory floor, measure productivity, assess effectiveness, and quickly respond to changing production and customer requirements. In doing so, FACTIVITY decreases completion times and overall cost, and increases quality, giving your business the edge in a competitive market.

FACTIVITY’s touch screen visual tool provides shop-floor personnel, supervisors, and managers with visibility and control over factory resources and the entire production process. Almost immediately it’ll begin to reduce waste in your production process and supply chain process. Let’s take a look at some other features FACTIVITY has to offer.

Paperless Job Packets:

Quickly collect production data in an error-free fashion using FACTIVITY’s unique user interface (UI). The paperless approach is more timely and accurate than old paper systems and enables supervisors and schedulers to visually keep up-to-date with all floor procedures. The SFW also checks for errors to help eliminate time wasted with inaccurate data entry.

Interactive Gantt Scheduling:

Advanced Gantt scheduling in APS for FactivityWork within the Gantt View to visualize the workload in the factory. Drag and drop jobs in the Gantt View to make scheduling a breeze. You can also change the line up in the new Advanced Dispatch Edit.

Operator Alerts:

Pop-up overlays on the main production job screen notify the operator about specific part related alerts when they align into the job at hand. Verification and auditing of operator actions assist management in controlling operator interactions and their follow-through on alerts.

Order Grouping and Nesting:

When it comes to an operation that features multiple parts from jobs running simultaneously, FACTIVITY creates a Nest to treat this grouping of parts as one operation, therefore, simplifying operator reporting of raw materials and production.

Employee Validation:

The software validates an employee's training with the resource before assigning tasks so only skilled operators perform the work. Without the right level of skill or classification, the operator isn't able to sign into the job. The feature prevents misuse of machines and equipment.

Electronic Real-Time Alarms:

FACTIVITY sends electronic messages or alarms to specific pre-defined employees to give them a heads up in real time of any problems on the floor. These alarms are configured to automatically generate a message to your PC or smartphone. Stay in touch with this feature even if you're not at a FACTIVITY station.

Spreadsheet Integration:

Enhance your back-end number crunching from storage of all real-time factory data. The software directly places all parts, employees, production processes, scrap and downtime information into pre-formatted spreadsheets for analysis and charting.

Factory Dashboard:

APS Dashboard for Planning and SchedulingNever miss a beat with real-time displays of all machines on giant screen monitors. Several views are available as well; customizable to your factory’s preferences with a spreadsheet-like appearance. Match your particular viewing requirements with sizing options for rows, columns, headers and font sizes.

Web Browser FACTVIEW:

With a web browser and the proper authorization, anyone can see a real-time view of all factory floor activity. More of your management team and supervisors are then able to view current happenings on the factory floor, greatly increasing response time if needed.

Thanks to software like FACTIVITY, we’re entering an era of the Superplant, where anyone with a Wi-Fi signal can remotely control the process of multi-facility companies.



Planning in Factivity with APS

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