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5/22/17 3:33 PM

Modeling a Hypothetical Resource

Topics: capacity planning, production planning, finite capacity, users, project management, APS, capacity, bottlenecks, constraint, resource

PlanetTogether’s APS software is a powerful and effective tool for modeling your current plant setup. But what happens when you need to model theoretical expansion plans? Maybe you have a bottleneck that you’d like to get rid of. Maybe you recently expanded your plant, and now you’re curious about which machines would be the most effective. Or maybe you’d like to see what effect adding to your labor force would have. Through the use of “What-If” scenarios, PlanetTogether users can do just that.

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9/15/16 3:15 PM

The Fallout of Craft Beer-Mania

Topics: Factory Scheduling, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS, Brewery, beer brewing

America is beer-crazy. 2015, in particular, was the year of beer, with more breweries in the United States than ever in history. California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado are leading the charge in the beer economy despite environmental challenges in recent years, testifying to the inevitability of surging demand. With the steady rise in interest, breweries face a new set of production challenges that require increasingly innovative solutions.

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7/29/16 4:00 PM

Using Theory of Constraints to Support Lean Thinking

Topics: Lean Manufacturing, capacity, theory of constraints

Companies that have not yet implemented lean concepts into their current practices may find it daunting, especially since lean aims for perfection and waste elimination. When a business has a significant amount of room for process improvement, companies may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. As tackling all areas of improvement at once is not feasible, it can be difficult to prioritize. Integrating the Theory of Constraints (TOC) into the equation, however, pinpoints exactly which area needs the most improvement and can add the most value to the company.

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