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12/28/15 9:00 AM


Ease the implementation and maintenance of ERP software through Adaplink. A proprietary integration and data management application, Adaplink combines standard connectors with various data sources such as text, databases, email, and web entities. The application offers a high performance, delta capable, rules-based data transformation to manage and monitor the functionality of a business' integrated solutions. Sound a bit complicated? Let's take a closer look into this data management application.


As a management application, Adaplink addresses distinct challenges companies face when running mature ERP applications such as SAP. Some of these challenges include:

Changing Data Volumes - Larger companies will always feature a sizable and steadily growing volume of information, consisting of ever-changing, imperfect data.

Difficult Data Structures - Mature ERP applications, with their rich and overly complex data structures, make even simple data mapping a task that requires a deep understanding of ERP best practices.

Hard to Find In-house ERP Expertise - Most ERP implementations mix standard ERP logic with specific rules and enhancements custom to the business' objectives- this limits the feasibility of in-house resources for product maintenance and updates.


Operations managers, independent of their focus sector, will often encounter the aforementioned challenges. Regardless of the company, most mature ERP systems need to continuously overcome significant obstacles to maximize the benefits of streamlined information. Adaplink provides solutions to these challenges in the following ways:

Adaplink Objects are Delta Capable - Despite the fact ERP data steadily increases for major companies, most of this data is either stale or changing at a slow rate. Adaplink Objects’ inherent delta capability ensures that large data volumes will never present an issue for the integration of subsequent applications.

Adaplink Objects are Intuitive - Adaplink's solutions offer a seamless user experience as they expand and contract when needed for digestibility. Also, the output's intuitive nature requires less expertise in ERP platforms and makes sourcing of in-house specialists easier.

Adaplink is Updated Often - New Adaplink Objects are constantly added to the portfolio in order to account for evolving ERP management needs. Through the Adaplink Object Workbench, companies can create their own objects or even work with Adaplink’s parent company AdapChain to develop and maintain new objects.

Opportunity with SAP

Due to the robust data functionality requirements of SAP, AdapChain has developed features specifically for SAP integrations. New objects were designed to mirror key SAP modules including materials, orders and partners.

The delta-capability of Adaplink Objects ensure they can scale with very large SAP installations and still maintain a near real-time representation of the original, underlying, SAP objects.

As real-time data integrations are becoming the norm in the manufacturing space, many industry leaders are constantly on the lookout for tools and applications that help improve software adaptability.

Learn more about PlanetTogether ERP Integrations here.

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