Agile Manufacturing Advantages and Disadvantages

7/10/18 12:10 PM

As you are attempting to grow your manufacturing operation, you may be considering implementing a new manufacturing method. With various methods available to manufacturers, agile manufacturing is becoming one of the top choices. Agile manufacturing is becoming an extremely common and advantageous production method for many operations around the globe. Agile manufacturing advantages and disadvantages Before implementing agile manufacturing into your facility, it is essential to identify the advantages and disadvantages within the system and thoroughly evaluate your production facility. Therefore, here are a few advantages and disadvantages in agile manufacturing.

Advantages of Agile Manufacturing

  • Customer Focused Product Design - In today’s market, consumers are looking for products that they believe are the best quality. Agile enables manufacturers to build the best consumer-based product while also keeping up with a varying demand.
  • Connected IT - Through utilization of an integrated system, the system is able to stay efficient and on time. This feature requires accurate data and information, which permits the system to be able to make quick decisions and keep production flowing.
  • Cooperation within Supply Chain - Keeping a steady flow of information throughout the entire supply chain will ensure production to reach full potential. This can be done through sharing consumer information with various external areas of the supply chain such as suppliers. This enables your entire supply chain to be able to align with consumer demand.

Disadvantages of Agile Manufacturing

  • Limited Resource Planning - Agile manufacturing operations are unclear of the end results of their production. This makes it extremely challenging to account for resources, cost, time, and various other factors of the production process. Therefore, agile is limiting in the amount insight within resource planning.
  • Measuring Difficulties - Tracking the progress within agile is challenging, mainly because of the same reasons as resource planning. Agile manufacturing is unclear of a end result, which makes it nearly impossible to track overall production progress.advantages and disadvantages of Agile manufacturing
  • Poor Output - Although incremental delivery may bring products to the market at a much quicker pace, it also puts operations at a rather large disadvantage. As the cycles vary, teams are unable to deliver output in one complete unit, leaving the output to be fragmented.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling with Agile Manufacturing 

Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) can be quickly implemented with agile manufacturing operations. Through various capabilities and benefits, APS can optimize production within your agile operation. Some of the following benefits of advanced planning and scheduling include the following:

  • Delivery Performance Improvement
  • Profit Boost
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Six-Month ROI

Take your production to the next level and separate yourself from competitors by experiencing the benefits of PlanetTogether’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software.

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