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5/27/18 8:19 AM

Choosing the correct ERP system for an agile-oriented business can be complicated. With various factors such as price or implementation to consider, how does a production facility find the most compatible system? Agile Manufacturing ERP Software As agile-manufacturing project managers are finding themselves asking these questions, many of them are moving toward Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations as a solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 is becoming a top choice for manufactures who favor agility. This ERP system offers advantages such as customization, effectiveness, and accuracy, which will further enhance a facility through a healthy mixture of flexibility and efficiency. Agile Manufacturing ERP Software This cost-conscientious system is an especially good fit for modest to average-sized businesses, but is generally compatible with facilities of any size in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, distributing, data, medical, and a broad array of others. Not only is this ERP system practical, it also has many layers of benefits that support agile principles in a global supply chain, such as:

  • Waste tracking (including energy)
  • Variation of languages & currencies
  • Kanban boards & other visualize tools
  • Administrative/governmental demands per region
  • Ease of use (UI/UX, shop floor worker interfacing)
  • SharePoint portals for vendors and customers
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Evironmental sustainability dashboards

These perks have allowed for agile manufacturing operations to optimize production and agility, but there is always room for growth. ERP systems such as Dynamics 365 for Operations is just a start - advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS) are next-level add-ons that really dial-in on the finer points of agility.

Planning and Scheduling Add-Ons Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS) are becoming a preferred choice for many agile manufacturing operations. Integration of these APS systems allow data importation from 365 for operations such as:

  • Work Center Groups 
  • Machines, Items, & Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase, & Production Orders
  • Routing Lines & Production Order Components

Utilization of Dynamics 365 for Operations and APS can take a production facility in the next step of coming closer to overall agile production efficiency within your supply chain. Enhanced planning, scheduling and simulations that leverage the real-time production feedback data simply yield a higher degree of planning refinement that can be added-on, thereby extending the visibility and insight to your live operation, in real-time. 

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