Lean Manufacturing Advantages and Disadvantages

7/10/18 11:49 AM

In modern manufacturing, locating a viable manufacturing method is vital in keeping a competitive advantage in the industry. As many manufacturers are trying to locate the most beneficial system, they are all coming to similar conclusions - lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing advantages and disadvantages Originating from the Japanese automotive industry, lean manufacturing has made a name for itself and revolutionized manufacturing around the world. This method of manufacturing is able to efficiently optimize production within your facility through waste minimization and production time reduction. Before implementing lean manufacturing into your production facility, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the system is a must.

Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

  • Waste Minimization - Arguably the most significant benefit of the system, lean manufacturing can efficiently minimize waste within a production facility. As companies sit on large sums of inventory and waste, this process eliminates outdated or aged inventory. Along with waste minimization, the process also reduces cost within the operation as well.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationships - Instead of solely focusing on the needs of all consumers, lean focuses mainly on loyal consumers. This is how you are able to build strong and reliable relationships with trusted customers and keep a steady flow of revenue coming in.
  • Lean Infrastructure - A lean infrastructure means only dealing with several components: building, tools, supplies, equipment, and labor to fulfill near-term inventory demand. The facility does not waste any space within the operation and enables the facility to come as close as it can to production efficiency.

Disadvantages of Lean Manufacturing

  • Equipment Failure - Lean has very little room for error. Equipment or labor failure can lead to major inconsistencies within lean and can make the entire operation fall behind. In other mass production facilities, employees could just move over to another machine if one went out. In lean, there are not many other places for employees to move to, because everything within the operation is being utilized.
  • Delivery Inconsistencies - In correlation with equipment failure, this drawback in production enables delivery inconsistencies. This disadvantage of lean can hinder customer relationships, push consumers toward competitors, and cost you revenue.Advantages and Disadvantages of Lean Manufacturing

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) with Lean Manufacturing

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software can be implemented with a lean manufacturing operation. Through various capabilities and benefits, APS can efficiently optimize your lean manufacturing production facility and help eliminate common waste such as:

  • Overproduction
  • Transportation
  • Defects
  • Motion
  • Inventory

Quickly implement an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) into your lean manufacturing operation and take your production to the next level.

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