Manufacturing Simulation Software Benefits

6/9/18 6:37 PM

Enhancing throughput, minimizing waste, and optimizing production are what production facilities set their sets on - but some are unsure how to attain it. With various systems to choose from, how can an operation be able to choose a system that best satisfies their needs? 

Manufacturing Software for Simulation Benefits This is where a plant simulation can come into play. As time and cost are increasing, a plant simulation accounts for these many factors and will allow for a manufacturing operation to be able to stay successful. Plant simulation, with the correct data presented, can give direct insight into the functions needed that will optimize overall production.

Benefits of Manufacturing Plant Simulations

A production facility should not blindly gravitate toward a system that has not proven itself. This is why plant simulations are changing the manufacturing industry, because they prove how well a system will benefit an operation through accountability of systematic characteristics for optimization of production. simulation software benefits As the system traits are accounted for, it will aid the production facility in creating a logistic model that will further enhance their operation along with various other benefits. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Investment Risk Reduction - Reduce risk through gaining a better insight of what your operation needs
  • Waste Minimization - Utilization resources within the production facility and minimize the amount of waste produced, therefore coming closer to overall production efficiency
  • Efficiency Improvement - Allows for insight into areas where productivity is lacking and quickly locate ways to improve efficiency
  • Reduce Inventory - With waste minimization and maximized production, throughput time should be decreased. This pushes toward less inventory and a steady flow of product throughout an operation
  • Reduction of Investment Risks - Instead of having a guessing game of what a production facility should put it’s money toward, plant simulations allows for a direct insight into the lowest risk investments, therefore allowing for revenue to be put in the correct places

Plant simulations permit production facilities to be able to effectively generate models that are attained by various capabilities within the system. A plant simulation can be extremely beneficial to a manufacturing operation that is considering a new ERP or APS system.

APS Manufacturing Plant Simulations and Modeling

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems allow for simulations to be created within the software. With generation of different schedules and “what-if scenarios”, this will simulate what needs to be done in case of mishaps such as mechanical failures or staff shortages. Instead of having management utilize their time trying to find a solution to a problem, APS can already account for it. As production facilities around the globe are implementing APS, operations are becoming the solution for minimizing waste, enhancing throughput, and optimizing production.

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