Planning vs Scheduling: Part Two - Multi-Plant Capacity Planning

7/28/17 10:27 AM


Making it easy to source material from alternate plants

Following up on our last blog post on the distinction between Planning and Scheduling, the second component we’d like to explore is Multi-Plant Capacity Planning. With scheduling, you can see what’s happening in your plant, but with planning you can scale this to a multi-plant environment. PlanetTogether allows for a multi-plant implementation, making it easy to choose which plant you source material from, showing inventory across multiple warehouse locations in our Inventory Plan. This allows you to source from alternate plants based on available capacity, available material, proximity to the customer, or proficiency/efficiency of running the product.


Expand long term planning companywide for greater visibility

And with PlanetTogether’s multi-plant functionality, you can expand long term planning (as explored in our last post) companywide for greater visibility into capacity/material bottlenecks or resource changes, and plan accordingly. And PlanetTogether’s Single Plant Optimize enables planners to Optimize orders in a specified plant, allowing plants to be as interdependent or independent as needed.

You can read more about the benefits of PlanetTogether’s Multi-Plant scheduling here

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