Production Planning for Small Manufacturers

3/2/20 10:30 AM

For many manufacturers, large and small, they find themselves struggling with being able to effectively utilize capacity and maximize efficiency within their manufacturing operation. Without an adequate production planning software, manufacturers will consistently find themselves in this position, ultimately leading to a loss in competitive edge against other manufacturers within their particular industry.

Production Planing for Small Manufacturers

Manufacturing facilities that most commonly find themselves falling into this position are smaller ones , due to a lack of funds and resources that are able to be allocated to fulfill this issue. Fortunately, there are softwares that are affordable that can successfully aid with this concept and ultimately push production forward in the most efficient manner. 

Production Planning Software for Small Manufacturers 

A form of production planning software for small manufacturers includes Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software. APS Software enables the following features for small manufacturers: 

  • Simplified Manufacturing Order Creation - MO creation may be challenging for many production facilities and is usually created through sales in a CRM, through a production manager, or automatically when a critical stock level is met. APS Software enables for quick pre-production estimating, which includes the simple input of number of product required to check the estimated cost and lead times. Once an MO is created, the software instantly books the materials on stock and creates purchase order for procured items. Through having your BOMs, stock, and purchase terms managed through an integrated system, this will enable you to plan production before your material even arrives. 
  • Assisted Production Scheduling/Rescheduling - Having each new MO associated with a particular routing allows you to be aware of which operations it has to pass. APS allows the shop-floor team to access tasks online and ultimately report through a computer or smart phone. This also enables you to oversee production scheduling and the process and ultimately schedule/reschedule at your fingertips, anywhere around the globe. 
  • Analytics & Reporting - Another feature of production planning software for small manufacturers includes following all of your manufacturing orders and workstation schedules with the master production schedule. This seamless integration and collaboration across all teams/departments through one integrated tool makes analytics and reporting much easier/simpler and more effective. 
  • Integrated Software Features - With APS software, the software integrated integral components within manufacturing. This includes production planning, stock, CRM, the team, purchasing, accounting, and more. Integrating these features benefits your manufacturing facility and pulls a lot of the work away from individuals and into the system - making it much easier.

Utilizing a production planning software is a must for smaller manufacturers that are seeking to keep up with the competition. As large manufacturers may have the resources to maximize efficiency, smaller manufacturers find themselves struggling with this more often. This is why utilizing APS and production planning software can be absolutely integral for their operation. A software that can aid with this concept and combat waste within the operation is PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS). This software enables thorough visibility into an operation and ensures that manufacturers maximize efficiency within their overall operation. 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software has become a must for modern-day manufacturing operations due to customer demand for increased product mix and fast delivery combined with downward cost pressures. APS can be quickly integrated with a ERP/MRP software to fill gaps where these system lack planning and scheduling flexibility and accuracy. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) helps planners save time while providing greater agility in updating ever-changing priorities, production schedules, and inventory plans.

  • Create optimized schedules balancing production efficiency and delivery performance
  • Maximize output on bottleneck resources to increase revenue
  • Synchronize supply with demand to reduce inventories
  • Provide company-wide visibility to capacity
  • Enable scenario data-driven decision making

Implementation of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software will take your manufacturing operations to the next level of production efficiency, taking advantage of the operational data you already have in your ERP.

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